A Trip to the El Paso County Fair

We went to the El Paso County Fair today and had a great time!  I thought I’d show you a few pictures and then give you a list of the things that I noticed were free since there’s still time to get out to Calhan for the fair.  (It runs through Saturday the 26th and there are still plenty of discount days left.)





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The kids declared this the “best day of their lives”.  I must warn you that they must have pretty low expectations, because we had fun but I’m not sure I’d say it was that thrilling, but hey – I went for them to have a good time, and that goal was fulfilled.

Here are some of the things that we did that were free:

  • Kids’ tractor pull (ages 4-12. around three times per day)
  • Home Depot kids workshop station (you can build one of the kits that they offer on their Saturday morning workshops)
  • Wild About Monkeys show (we really liked this one!)
  • Various other shows
  • Petting zoo
  • Skeeball at the pavilion (I don’t know if this is every day or not – it was people advertising a festival in Ramah)

Also, I happened to notice that the funnel cake that we bought at a stand near the back of the fair (next to the Wild About Monkeys show) was $1.00 cheaper than it was over by the rides.

If you have any other tips on the fair, please comment!



  1. Thank you. We are headed there tomorrow and I wondered if there are any free activities for the kids. We are going to Elitches on Saturday for the Newsboys concert and don’t want to pay for rides at the fair.

  2. Did you notice if the carnival accepts credit cards? We are headed there today!

  3. Kacy Born says:

    How much were the fair rides?

    • Tokens are $1.00 each – the carousel, kid roller coaster, pirate boat ride, and circus train were all three tokens. There were a few that were four tokens, and a lot of the crazy spinning rides were five – I think. You can buy an all-you-can-ride wristband for $25, which seemed like might actually be a pretty good deal when my kids are old enough to want to ride a lot of rides! (Of course, I would be making them pay for at least a portion of it so in my mind it’s only costing me about $12.50, haha.)

      • Did they take credit cards or cash only?

        • I took cash because I wasn’t sure, but as best as I can recall, you could use a debit/credit card for admission but you have to change your dollars into tokens for the rides, so I think that you’d have to use one of the ATMs there to get cash if you didn’t have any because the token machines were definitely bills-only.

  4. Oh, one thing that I didn’t think to mention is that I decided NOT to go on free or $1 admission day because it was going to be just me and my five kids and I knew it would not be fun if it was super crowded. So we went on the $1 OFF kids’ admission day and it was not crowded AT ALL. It was so quiet that I wondered if free/$1 admission day wouldn’t have been too bad after all. We got there around 10:30 and it was very quiet. By the time we left around 2, there were a few more people, but still, it wasn’t crowded at all.

  5. We went on Monday – totally free day. It was not crowded.

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