New Alternative to Price-Matching at Walmart

My friend Heather told me about Walmart’s new version of price-matching called Savings Catcher – have you heard about it?  Instead of showing the ads at the register, you can enter your receipt information on their Savings Catcher app or website and they will find prices that are lower than what you paid and add the difference on an eGift card.

I have to admit that I’m somewhat skeptical that it will really catch everything that’s a lower price, and whether or not it will truly match prices at all local stores (specifically Sprouts, which is not as big of a chain as Safeway and Kroger).  Plus, it says that it doesn’t apply to store brand items, so I’m guessing that it won’t “price match” the $0.99 eggs at Walgreens since they aren’t going to be the same store brand.

Their FAQ states that it does apply to “most” fruit and vegetables but since Walmart sells a lot of their produce by the each instead of by the pound like some other stores do, I’m not sure how much produce they will actually price match or price adjust.  (To be honest, I’ve haven’t been into Walmart in forever and it’s been even longer since I’ve bought produce there, so I don’t know what the current state is.)

You can read lots of information about how it works on the Walmart Savings Catcher website (click on the FAQ at the bottom for details).

I used to shop at Walmart a lot more, but with limited time these days I focus almost all my grocery shopping on King Soopers and Sam’s Club (and Sprouts but it seems like I always run out of steam before I get in there!).  I don’t think this will convince me to shop at Walmart, but I have to admit I’m really curious how it works!



  1. Have you heard of Walmart To Go? They are currently running it in Castle Rock and Denver Area. It’s great I’ve used it. It really saves the standing in line all day to check out and if this other program actually works I will be using Walmart again. Typically I avoid at all costs! I will even pay more for things to not go to Walmart because their service is usually very lacking and it takes all day to get 3 items! They just need to add coupon use to their To Go program!

    • Ooh, I haven’t heard of that, but is it similar to Sam’s Club’s Click n Pull where they get your items for you? I would love that! Although King Soopers is doing a similar program in Denver and I am DYING for it to come here!

      Agree about it taking all day to get three things at Walmart. I know it sounds silly, but the store is so BIG that while it’s great that they sell everything, when I don’t WANT everything I also don’t want to walk through the entire store.

      • Sarah H. says:

        We always joke that no matter how much you are getting at Walmart, it will take at least an hour. :)

        I don’t know if this would get me to shop at Walmart more, but it might be worth submitting my receipts when I do go there to see if I can save any extra money.

  2. Carrie Berry says:

    This is awesome! I do almost all my shopping at Wal Mart. I look at the ads and do some price matching but apparently not enough. I submitted two receipts and in a few days I got notice that they found $5 on a $95 bill and $3.50 on $42. The first one compared 26 competitors and found 7 lower prices. The ads they found lower prices from were local – King Soopers, Albertsons, Safeway, Family Dollar and Walgreens. I’ll be submitting all my future receipts. Thank you!

  3. I submitted one receipt earlier this week and just got the results that they didn’t find any lower prices that we hadn’t already price matched.

    • Update: After submitting our 5th receipt, they finally found one item cheaper elsewhere that we hadn’t price matched. (Though it was something my husband bought that wasn’t on the list, so I didn’t know to look for it on sale). It meant we got a credit of $1.01. I’m glad I stuck with submitting the receipts. The minute or so it takes is worth any credit to me.

      • Are you still manually price-matching it at the checkout and then just submitting the receipts in case they find something else?

        • Yes. My husband is actually the one who price matches at the register after I write it all out for him. He’s not confident they’d actually credit us (or admit to) all the lower prices if we just submitted the receipt and didn’t do the price matching ourselves with the cashier. Though it certainly would save time at the register to just submit the receipts after the fact. There are a few things we regularly purchase at Walmart because their shelf price is cheaper than elsewhere, but the main reason my husband goes there is to price match all the stores sales in one spot, versus going to multiple stores.

          • What a great husband! :) I was somewhat skeptical at first, too – thought it seems like most people have had a good experience. (But I don’t know if there’s a way – and if there is, it would be a hassle! – to go back after the fact if their system did miss something.)

  4. I sent one in and just got an email that they found $3.32. I do almost NO shopping at Walmart because I absolutely cannot stand the vast majority of “Walmart Shoppers.” I would almost rather pay a little more to be in a store where people are actually nice to each other and not screaming at their children and walking around in pj’s or tube tops. That being said, my mother i law does almost all her shopping there. I love the price matching, and this new program seems pretty neat. I will continue to submit any Walmart receipts to see what I can save up on a yearly basis. Thanks for bringing this program to light!

  5. I’ve submitted a few receipts and gotten some money back. It was on things that I probably wouldn’t have bothered price matching, so it ended up being a good deal. One thing that I usually price match at walmart is milk, because there is almost always a lower price somewhere else. When I recently bought milk at walmart for 3.35, it did not come up in the savings catcher program. I think it’s because almost every store has their own brand of milk and it’s considered a store brand, so it won’t automatically be price matched.

  6. Ok, I’m convinced. I entered a receipt from some school supplies and other miscellaneous household items from last week, and I got $1.44 back on a $25 purchase. I really didn’t think I would get anything back, because I didn’t buy any food, so I am pleasantly surprised. I think it’s definitely worth entering receipts to see if it saves anything. It took me maybe two minutes to save $1.44.

    It detailed out my receipt and what items didn’t have matches, what items had matches but no lower price, and what items had lower prices. For me it was pencil sharpeners, and it told me that Office Depot had them for $0.25 each, which saved me $1.44 on my two pencil sharpeners. I would not have gone to Office Depot just to save a little on pencil sharpeners, so this is great. I’m pretty impressed with how quick and easy it was.

  7. I am going to give this a go. I do all my shopping at Walmart and can’t stand price matching. Well I can’t stand someone in front of me doing it so this might save us all time though the cashiers try to hurry it through. I love this !

  8. Not that I’m going to complain about free money, but I’m underwhelmed by the results. I don’t shop at Walmart much but did a trip to buy food for my son’s boy scout camping trip where I didn’t want to spend time running all over town to get the cheapest stuff. Here are the results:

    Lower price found (1 item)
    Qty: 2.00
    $2.56 ($1.28 ea)
    $1.78 ($0.89 ea)
    You got back

    No lower price found! (1 item) Hide
    Qty: 1.00

    Not matched (8 items) Hide
    See how we compare
    Qty: 2.00
    $2.96 ($1.48 ea)
    Qty: 1.00
    Qty: 1.00
    Qty: 1.00
    Qty: 1.00
    Qty: 2.00
    $7.16 ($3.58 ea)
    ONION YLW 40# DS
    Qty: 1.08 lb
    $1.06 ($0.98 / lb)
    Qty: 3.00
    $12.54 ($4.18 ea)
    Total Price:

    The majority of the items were not matched, and I know the meat is cheaper elsewhere. So this is not a reason for me to change my shopping habits.

  9. I have been using Walmart Savings Catcher for a few months and have saved around $6 by entering my receipts. I just got an email from Walmart with changes to their program. It looks like they are changing the program to cover less. They are no longer doing produce or bakery items. And they are limiting which stores they compare with. I’m wondering if that means they won’t compare to Sprouts any more. Here’s the text of the email:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for using Savings Catcher. We wanted to share with you an update on some changes to the program. Beginning February 14, 2015, we are removing some departments consisting mostly of items that do not have a like for like match at other retailers, such as produce and bakery items. Additionally, we are limiting our comparisons to offers of other mass market retailers, grocery and dollar stores, removing comparisons with drug stores.

    Thanks again for using Savings Catcher and shopping with us. We are dedicated to providing customers like you with Everyday Low Prices. It’s a mission we’re proud of and we’ll continue to work hard to deliver for you.

    For details on these and other changes, please visit our Terms of Use or FAQs.

    Your Walmart Savings Catcher Team

    This just seems to me like they are making the program worse. I don’t know if I will keep on using it with these changes.

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