Andrew J. Templeton Park

Here is another one of our favorite parks in Colorado Springs!


Andrew J. Templeton Park is located in the Stetson Hills area, in the neighborhood that’s on the southwest corner of Powers and Stetson Hills.  It’s got huge areas of lush green grass (seriously, this year it’s really green and thick), a small but great playground, basketball courts, a small picnic pavilion, and more.



The rope spider web is definitely a favorite of my kids.


There is a nice big basketball court (or bike and rollberblade track if there happens to be no one playing ball!).  On the west side of the park (on the left in the picture above) there is a steep hill that might make for good sledding in the winter.


The playset has a couple of small slides and a rock wall.  Actually, if you have all little kids and don’t like them climbing really high on the playset, this is a great park because the playset doesn’t go very high at all.


Another nice thing about this park is that there are sidewalks that go all the way around, but it’s situated in such a way that you can see almost everywhere in the park while you’re at the playground if you want to give kids freedom to explore but still want them in your sight.

The address for Andrew J. Templeton Park is 5347 Rose Ridge Ln.  (FYI, Google Maps has it incorrectly listed as Jack Templeton Park, but as you can see by the SIGN it’s clearly Andrew J. Templeton Park.  This is not the only park that Google doesn’t know the correct name for.)

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