Reader Request: Where To Buy Wildflowers

Valerie writes:

I’m hosting a bridal shower for my sister and she wants local Colorado wildflowers. Do you know if any of the farmers markets sell flowers, or do you have any ideas on where I can find local flowers?

If you know where you can find wildflowers to purchase in Colorado Springs, please click here to comment and help Valerie!



  1. Tagawas and I’d recommend something that says organic or heirloom. That way the bees that pollinate the seeds you’re giving out will continue to thrive, and not die.

  2. The one on Sunday’s at Arcia Park has them from 5-15$. Hope this helps.

  3. I’m looking for CHEAP apples, at least three bushels. There used to be a place down by Pueblo, off of highway 50, that sold apples that you picked yourself. They had a bulk rate for people who canned or dried their fruit. Does anyone know the name of this farm?

    Where is the cheapest place to get apples, here?

    Also, do blackberries grow wild here, and if so, where?


    • I think you might be thinking of Happy Apple Farm?

      If you want cheap apples and don’t care if they’re local, you might want to wait for a sale at Sprouts and then ask if you can order a box. THey will probably go around $0.50/lb, though of course there is no guarantee of that price.

      Berries do grow wild here, but not in such quantities that you can pick more than a handful.

  4. Valerie,
    I would post on the Colordo Springs Craigslist asking for access to flowers in local gardens and cut your own. You could offer compensation but most gardeners are proud of their bounty and are happy to open the garden gate especially this close to the end of the growing season.

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