Free Birthday Parties for Kids at Home Depot

Update: None of the Home Depot stores in Colorado Springs offer birthday parties anymore.

Here’s a great free option for kids’ birthday parties!

Home Depot at 5660 E. Woodmen Rd (Powers Blvd.) offers free birthday parties for kids!  Parents bring cake, lunch/snack foods and drinks. Home Depot supplies an activity room (holding 12 -15 kids), decorations (including helium balloons), an instructor, a kit for each child to build, an apron, a Certificate of Achievement, and a pin with an image of the kit on it.

The parties last between 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length. Reservations fill-up quickly so parents need to call 2-4 weeks in advance.

Parties are held every Saturday at 11 AM and 2 PM, with the exception of the first Saturday of the month since that’s when they hold their free workshop for kids.

For more information on birthday parties at Home Depot, contact Karen Weigold, the Kids Workshop Captain, at 719-266-5165



  1. I have to comment on this. My son went to a birthday party there last year. While he liked the party and they build a very fun “bug catcher” it was a bit odd because the room they were in was the employee break room. When we first got there we thought the all the adults in the room were parents of the kids but then realized that some of the people were actually employees on their break. In fact, at one point there was a guy that sat down and took a little cat nap on the couch. LOL! I don’t blame the employees at all for taking their breaks and using their room, but it was a bit strange to me that we were having a party in the middle of all that. I have to say that my son was not bothered even one bit, and I am not sure I was concerned, but I did think it odd. It was over a year ago and maybe they have reworked things so it is different now, but that was our experience then.

    • My son had his 5th b-day party there this January and they do seem to have changed that. The room we were in was a smaller room that was accessed through the staff break room, and there were no employees except the one who was leading the craft. We were VERY happy to have this frugal indoor option for my son’s winter birthday. I chose the earlier time slot (11:00) and provided pizza lunch, but they do have 2:00 parties too, which would be an incredibly inexpensive option. There were “happy birthday” banners and lots of decorations, including the balloons. I had brought my own, but didn’t even use them. The craft we did was making a mini “tool box”, which held the kids’ goody bags perfectly. You really could have a party there and only pay for cake or cupcakes. Amazing deal!

  2. Oh good. I am glad they have reworked it. My son loved the party there and like you said, I thought what a great option it would be for an inexpensive party. I just felt bad actually for the employees having to be in the middle of the party. So I am glad they figured out a different way to do the parties.

    • I would assume the employees found it less-than-relaxing to have birthday parties with noisy kids hammering and laughing in the middle of their breaks! (I must say, as a teacher who is used to “relaxing” in the teacher’s lounge, I was shocked at how nice the HD break room was!) The little party room had a u-shaped table for the kids to build on, a large table up front where we put the food, and then the adults just sat in chairs around the perimeter. It was not huge, and the lady I spoke with when planning had said the “absolute max” is 15 kids and that, with parents it would be “a packed house.” She was right. I’d recommend having 10-12 little kids, and maybe fewer if they are older and bigger. = ) Oh, and most of my son’s guests were girls, who happily worked in their party dresses and HD aprons, so it works for boys AND girls.

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