Free Classical Music Concerts at Colorado College

I’ve been wanting to go to some classical music concerts and checked to see if Colorado College had any that would be cheap enough to take my kids to – and I found out that they have quite a few free ones!  If you go to their campus calendar and choose the music department, the list of events open to the public will come up.  It looks like most of them are free to the public.



  1. The link is to Awana. :)

  2. Does anyone know if the Air Force Academy also has public concerts?

    • I actually just looked this up the other day, because we went to their Christmas concert last year and it was wonderful! Here’s a list of the band’s concerts: I don’t see the Christmas one on there yet, though last year they had it at Sand Creek High School due to budget constraints (I think) and they didn’t have very many free tickets (someone in the Air Force invited us). I think that they are hoping to have it at a bigger venue this year, though I haven’t heard anything.

      I don’t know if there are any other Academy music groups or student recitals.

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