Free Admission to Additional Museums with Space Foundation Discovery Center Annual Pass

When I posted about the grand opening on the MathAlive! exhibit at the Space Foundation Discovery Center, Denise commented with a fabulous tip:

If you’re considering the annual pass and are doing any out of state travel, I would recommend checking out the list of science centers and museums with reciprocal membership. We are going to be able to visit one or two that would have been cost prohibitive otherwise, and we can go to the Space Discovery Center as often as we want this year!

I looked it up on the Space Foundation’s website and it looks like your pass could potentially cover over 400 science centers and museums all over the world!  It’s not valid for other centers within 90 miles, and there are some other important notes to read about it.  But still, what a great deal if you’re going to travel at all!

Go here to read about the Space Foundation Discovery Center’s annual pass (Passport).  On the same page, there’s also a coupon for $1.00 off admission, and it looks like admission for military is now free through the end of April if I’m reading that right!


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