How I Cut Up Peppers

A friend watched me cut up a bell pepper the other day and commented that she’d never seen anyone do it that way before.  This could mean one of two things: it’s weird, or it’s a revolutionary new way that no one has ever thought of before.

Revolutionary might be an overstatement. Still, the first three results I got when I searched Google were what I think is a more complicated way, so I’m going to show you “my” easier way:


how to cut up a pepper 01

how to cut up a pepper 02

how to cut up a pepper 03

how to cut up a pepper 04
how to cut up a pepper 05

Essentially, just cut it from the top down, as close as possible to the stem, all the way around.

I cut jalapenos and other hot peppers the same way.  By doing it like this, you can avoid most contact with the seeds and white flesh, which is where the capsaicin hangs out (that’s the stuff that makes your eyes burn if you accidentally come in contact with it).


I took these photos as I was cutting up a pepper for kids for a snack.  Actually, I cut up three peppers:

One pepper was demolished by children one through three before the other two got to the table (unbeknownst to me).

Then I had a teary child number four who didn’t get any, so I cut another one and told her to let the other kids know there was more once she was done with what she wanted.

And then I had more tears when children one through four ate all of the second bell pepper before child number five got to the table.

So now child number five is eating the third pepper.  I think all of them have now had their share of peppers.  I sure hope so, because I think I’m out!



  1. I watched my sister in law cut peppers like this over christmas and my mind was blown. So now that’s how I cut them too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I learned how to cut peppers from an online video, not all that long ago. When my husband saw how I was doing it, I explained how I’d learned and he said the person I’d learned from had no idea what they were doing – lol!!!! I’m going to try your method next time. Thanks again.

  3. I had no idea there was a way other than this.

  4. That’s how I cut up apples when I’m too lazy to pull my apple slicer form the drawer. But, never tried it for peppers. Will give it a shot next time around!

  5. This is the only way I know to cut a pepper – didn’t know it was novel to so many people!

  6. I read a post about cutting apples that way, which I thought was an awesome idea. So I do it with apples. I don’t do it with my peppers though. Maybe I should try that.
    I couldn’t help but notice that it looks like you have a Cutco knife, too! Love my Cutco! I tried selling them after high school for extra money, then I ended up keeping the demo set. I was so excited when I found a Cutco Chef knife at ARC for $4.99 a couple months ago. Now I have two of them for all the food prep that I do at my house. I really need to get around to sending them in to get sharpened though. The Double D edge on my trimmer isn’t much up to par and I have to hand sharpen the paring knife and the chef’s knives myself to keep them sharp. Still love them and would highly recommend them to anyone!

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