Where to Look for Deals in the Albertsons Ad

Here’s how I look at the Albertsons ad to find the best deals (particularly as I did the weekly grocery deals and coupon matchups over the past seven years):

Albertsons front page
Albertsons front page is where their best deals are to be found.  If there’s anything that’s close to a “great price” at Albertsons, it will almost always be found on the front page (or pages – keep reading).

Albertsons tends to run some of the best sales on meat, and they are always prominently featured here.

Produce is usually featured here, though sometimes it’s a great deal (this is the store you’ll find russet potatoes for $0.99 at the holidays), and sometimes it’s not at all.  Just because it’s on the front page does not make it a good deal!

Albertsons’ ads usually have what I’ve always thought of as a “second” front page, on page three.  Often pages one and three both feature really great sales, so be sure to look at both!  (This is the only store that really does that.)

Sometimes Albertsons does Buy X, Save $X sales and these are usually on that “second” front page.  Unlike King Soopers, Albertsons’ sales of this type do not usually run more than one week.

Albertsons page 2 4 and 5
Pages 2, 4, and 5 of the Albertsons ad is usually meat, deli, dairy, and bakery items. It’s rare to find a great deal on these pages.

Albertsons Page 6 and 7
On pages 6 and 7 of a typical Albertsons ad, you’ll probably find some great deals in the top three boxes.

In the middle section is usually middle-of-the-road prices, rarely better than Walmart’s shelf price or a small sale price at King Soopers.

The bottom section sometimes has good deals on personal care items, particularly diapers.  Albertsons just doesn’t seem to run a lot of sales on personal care items.

Albertsons last page is their produce section.

Albertsons usually only has middle-of-the-road prices on produce, and if they have a great produce deal, it’s usually featured on the front page.  I usually take a very quick glance at this page just to be sure there’s not a hidden deal.

Albertsons Big Book of SavingsOne more note on Albertsons: they publish a “Big Book of Savings” every month, with some month-long sales.  There are often some great deals in it, but most of the great deals are restated in their ad every week.  There are probably a few deals inside that would make it worth a perusal if you have time.

If you are short on time but want to check what Albertsons’ best deals are, I’d recommend looking at the first page and the third page, and probably the three boxes across the top of page 6 and 7. If there’s a great deal to be had, it’s almost always going to be on one of those two pages.


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