Where to Look for Deals in the King Soopers Ad

Here’s how I look at the King Soopers ad to find the best deals (particularly as I did the weekly grocery deals and coupon matchups over the past seven years):

King Soopers ad page 1

On the first page of the King Soopers ad is where their best produce and meat deals are found, along with a selection of other sales that are usually also pretty good.

As with any store’s ad, not everything on the front page is an amazing deal, but with the King Soopers ad, it’s usually at least a “good price”.

If there’s a Buy X, Save $X sale going on, it will usually be advertised on the front page of the ad, with more participating items listed inside the ad.  (In this example, it was the second week of a Buy X, Save $X sale and it wasn’t on the front page, which is somewhat unusual.)

King Soopers ad page 2 and 3

On pages two and three, there’s a lot of items listed but not that many places to look for great deals.

Sometimes, in the top left, you’ll find some good produce deals (but nothing super amazing).

Meat sales are featured on the right, but with the exception of Red Bird chicken sales that are usually only advertised in this section (it will go buy one, get one free from time to time), there aren’t usually any great meat deals here.

On the bottom right is where you’ll find household and personal care items. Sometimes there’s a good deal with a coupon matchup in this section.

The bottom left is usually natural foods, and on occasion there’s a good deal in there but not very often.  (If there’s a good natural foods deal it’s usually featured on the front page.)

King Soopers ad page 4

This is a pretty typical page four for a King Soopers ad.  I usually do a quick skim of this page, because sometimes there are some good deals or coupon matchups on it, particularly if they aren’t doing a Buy X Save $X sale.

King Soopers ad page 6

Page six is usually where the bulk of items in a Buy X, Save $X sale are advertised, and this is a page to look at carefully.

I look at most of the items in a Buy X, Save $X sale – this is usually where King Soopers’ best deals are found.

Sometimes there are multiple pages with Buy X, Save $X deals (the most recent one had three full pages, which is pretty unusual), so be sure to check all of those out.

By the way, King Soopers usually does a big promotion for two weeks, then takes a week off, and then does another big promotion for two weeks.  So there’s usually a Buy X, Save $X sale for two weeks, then a week off, and then they’ll do a digital coupon promotion for two weeks, and then take a week off.  There are some variations, but that’s the sale cycle that I’ve observed for several years.

King Soopers ad page 5

Page seven (or later, if there were multiple pages for a Buy X, Save $X sale) of the King Soopers ad is usually a “theme”, and great deals are very rare in these types of pages.  Not non-existent – there are always exceptions – but rare.

If you’re short on time and want to just hit the highlights of the King Soopers ad, I’d recommend looking at the deals on the front page, skim the page four, and look at the items in the Buy X, Save $X sale.

One more note on King Soopers ads: from time to time, they’ll run an ad on Friday in the Gazette with a weekend sale that was not advertised in the weekly ad.  This ad is not usually on the website or advertised anywhere else (which is a bummer, because it usually includes pretty good sales).  This is pretty rare – it happens maybe a few times a year – so in my opinion, it’s not worth looking in the newspaper for the slight possibility of finding a weekend sale every week.


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