Where to Look for Deals in the Sprouts Ad

Here’s how I look at the Sprouts ad to find the best deals (particularly as I did the weekly grocery deals and coupon matchups over the past seven years):

Sprouts page 1Sprouts has amazing prices on meat and produce, and the front page is where it’s at.  I usually look at every item on the front page.

The “general grocery” items on the front page are often a good-but-not-great deal.

Sprouts page 2
Page two is where you’ll find the bulk foods, and there’s often one or two items that are a great deal.  I always look at this section, because they’ve been putting their amazing prices on oats on this page only, not on the front page.

Dairy, frozen, and more produce is on this page.  Most of the time, these are pretty average prices – they’ll probably go cheaper at some point.

Sprouts page 3Page three is general grocery and vitamins/body care.  If you buy a lot of natural foods, this might have some good deals for you, though some of the same items will go on sale cheaper at King Soopers from time to time.

Page five is mostly meat and deli.  I usually just skim this page; it’s rare that there’s anything that’s a great price on this page.  The best meat deals are usually on the front page.

Fairly often, Sprouts will do a “72-Hour Sale” with deals valid Friday through Sunday.  These sales are almost always amazing prices and definitely worth checking out.  Again, not all the items in the weekend sale are stock-up prices, but often a good portion of them are.
Sprouts page 4

If you’re short on time and want to just hit the highlights of the Sprouts ad, I’d recommend looking at the deals on the front page, skim the second page, and definitely look at any weekend sale.  (If you buy mainly organic or natural foods items, I’d recommend looking at the third page as well.)


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