Looking Up Other Store’s Prices (Decoding Your Grocery Ad)

Over the past couple of years, it’s gotten so much easier to do grocery price sleuthing from home!  When doing the weekly grocery ads, I regularly looked up prices online to see how good of a deal something was compared to other stores.

  • Walmart’s newer Walmart Grocery service, which allows you to order online and pick up at the store, also enables you to look up their prices.
  • King Soopers’ HomeShop service, which you can use to have groceries delivered (and hopefully someday very soon will allow you to order and pick up in the store!), can also be used to see what their current price on an item is.
  • Sam’s Club’s website also has almost all of their in-store products on their website for the same price as in the store, so you can compare their prices as well.

While you might not want to look up prices at all three sites every week, it’s a great way to confirm whether or not a price is stock-up-for-six-months-worthy, or just a slight sale over what you’d pay off the shelf at Walmart.


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