Grocery Pickup Finally Coming to King Soopers?!


I was at the King Soopers at Stetson Hills the other day and they’re working on a new area upfront for grocery pickup, for which I say finally!  I’ve been waiting for this to come to King Soopers ever since I started using Sam’s Club’s Click n’ Pull.  King Soopers has been testing it out in the Denver area for quite awhile, and I’m excited to know that it’s finally coming here (at some point; I haven’t heard any dates).

The best part is that unlike Sam’s Club, they bring your groceries to your car which is so much more convenient when you have kiddos!  (Walmart’s grocery pickup does this, too.)  My biggest hesitation is the time it may take to go over my order and make sure they got everything, but it’s still got to be better than shopping.  If only they had a grocery put-away service…

I have a friend who uses Walmart’s grocery pickup and loves it.  I almost never shop there and just haven’t taken the plunge to try it out, but I’m definitely going to when it comes to King Soopers!  How about you?



  1. I can’t wait! I’ve been doing alternating King Soopers shopping and Walmart pick up every other week because the pick up is so useful, but the prices at walmart just aren’t as good as king’s sales I know. Do you think you’ll get the sale prices at Kings (like buy 5 save $5 as) like when you’re shopping in the store?

  2. It’s here!!!!!!! Here are a few observations I saw trying to do my first order today…1) Since it’s connected through my King Soopers card, it is super easy to click on everything I normally purchase since they come up as my recommended items. 2) the straight forward sales are online, but it doesn’t look like the multiple sales are (Ex: buy 10 save $5 this week. Apple sauce pouches in the store were 1.49 with the sale and 1.99 online, green beans were $1/can online and 50 cents in the store with the multiples sale). That would have been a $10 difference on my bill today with the way I stock up with these sales. 3) Plan ahead! I put my order in this morning (Friday) only to notice that the first pick up time available wasn’t until Tuesday. Obviously, that doesn’t work for my weekend meals! I’m curious if others have tried it and what the actual pick up is like!

    • I just saw that my first pick up slot is available on Tuesday, too! I think it’s just because that’s the first day they’re offering it. You’d better believe I’m planning on trying it out next week!

      I *think* the Buy 10, Save $5 sales will still be deducted from your bill, but I think it shows them without the $0.50 discount until you checkout, maybe? I’m not sure; that’s just my observation from using their similar HomeShop website and the fact that they say the sales are all supposed to be valid through ClickList.

      • That makes total sense on the pick up time! Today I can reserve a time tomorrow, so that makes me feel a lot better! A friend picked up her order today and they said the Briargate store is starting next week!!!!!

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