A Visit to Cheapies, A Grocery Outlet/Scratch and Dent Store

I’ve driven by Cheapies on Fillmore dozens of times on my way to Ranch Foods Direct, but haven’t taken the time to stop in until the owner sent me an email and invited me to stop by sometime.  So, I finally did and I’m glad, because I think some of you will love this little store!

Cheapies is a grocery outlet/discount/scratch-and-dent/close-out store with primarily food items (including fresh produce!), but also some general merchandise like party supplies, greeting cards, and holiday stuff.  I was really impressed with how well-organized and clean the store was, something you don’t often see at these types of places.



They carry fresh produce, and from what I’ve seen often have some pretty good prices.  When I was there, 6-ounce packages of blueberries were $0.69, cucumbers were $0.49, organic grapes were $1.10/lb, and limes were 10 for $1.00.  Of course the selection changes with whatever they are able to purchase at a rock-bottom price!

I was curious about where the produce comes from, as most of it looked just like what you’d buy at King Soopers.  The owner told me that they purchase from the same distributors as the other grocery stores, and are able to get a good deal when they’re overstocked, but it’s not that this is something a store necessarily “rejected” for quality, and it’s not taken from the stores when it’s about to go bad.  The blueberries I bought definitely looked just as fresh as they would at any store!


Greeting cards are $1.29, and they had some of the fancier ones that run quite a bit more in the grocery store.  I saw a good stock of Valentine’s Day cards so now’s the time to head in there if you want discounted cards for February!



There are lots of cookies, crackers, and chips.  Some of these products are “short-dated”, meaning they are close to expiring so they were removed from grocery store shelves, and some are “post-dated”, which means that they’re past the “best by” or “sell by” date.  Always know what you’re OK with eating a few months after the date – some things are just fine and others might be a little stale.

They assured me that you can return anything that doesn’t taste great within a couple of weeks and they’ll return your money in the form of store credit.  They also said that if they get something returned because it’s not fresh, they try to examine the rest of their stock of it to see if it needs to be removed, which I thought was great to know that they’re trying to stay on top of it!


All bread is $0.99, regardless of the variety!  I think most of it is past the sell-by date (which is not a use-by date), though it seems like bread doesn’t mold for ages past the date anymore… (Which is a little scary – what are they doing to it?!)




Their goal is to meet or beat the shelf prices at Walmart, and try not to bring anything in that they can’t sell for a price that’s competitive.  Refried beans were $0.85, which is the same price as Walmart’s Great Value brand, but Mexican-style diced tomatoes were $0.59 for a 14.5 oz can versus Walmart’s $0.68 for a 10 oz can of their Great Value version of Ro-Tel.  There are definitely some great deals and some things that you can get on sale at a better price elsewhere if you watch for sales.

One of Cheapies’ goals is to sell the overstock/scratch and dent/about-to-expire or expired items at a good price while also being somewhat of a neighborhood grocery store, so they do stock some items as staples that they are just bringing in for the convenience of the neighborhood (milk, eggs, and peanut butter, for example), and those are priced relatively competitively at Cheapies but definitely go cheaper if you can shop sales at other stores.

Cheapies has a rewards program where you can earn points for every dollar you spend, and they give you 100 points with your first purchase.  One hundred points gets you 10% off your total purchase, 200 points gets you 20% off, and 300 points gets you 30% off; with opportunities to earn bonus points through referrals and their social media channels.

Definitely like their Facebook page and watch for updates in your stream – they frequently post about the deals they get in (like those blueberries I got for $0.67!), and they have plans to start a big new section for pet food and supplies, so I’ll bet they’ll be updating about that on their Facebook page.

Cheapies Discount Store is located at 710 E. Fillmore St., and you can find their hours and more information about the store on their website.



  1. Although they told you that the produce isn’t rejects or near-expiring, I would doubt that. I have seen many stores like this before and there is always something about the produce that makes it cheaper – either never refrigerated/washed (which means it spoils quicker), or the “seconds” (e.g. the stores get their stock first, and anything leftover is at least a day or two older – it is rare that a farm overproduces, they know their yield and orders in advance).

    The produce can look fresh but spoil quicker than what you’d get at another store. That is typically what I’ve seen happen when shopping at stores like this.

    There’s a small chance this store is different, but I suspect it’s the same as others on the produce side – wouldn’t just take the owners’ word for it.

    That said – thank you very much for the review!
    I stopped by Diggers in CO Springs – if you haven’t reviewed that I’d be happy to review it too. The short story is that they are overpriced but do have sale days, and they have pretty much a mix of anything and everything from junk to collectibles. They even had an engine block and transmission when I was there!

    • Hi Don,

      This is David from Cheapies. The produce we receive is from traditional distribution and is as fresh as any grocery store in town. In fact, we’re just one of the stops before they deliver to other grocery stores. No reason to doubt it. That being said, we do work with the distributor and can offer close out deals, similar to what you mentioned (produce close-outs are a small portion of our produce business). For example, just this week we had 3 lb bags of Cauliflower which are used at restaurants for only $3.49. They were coded 01/12/2017, so they were short-dated. We had organic apples for 55¢/pound. Both of the offers were a result of over-supply at the distribution facility. Our produce suppliers are the same companies that supply most in town grocery stores. The reason why our produce is priced so well is because of our decision to make it a low-cost leader.

      I would encourage you to stop in and see for yourself.


  2. I stopped by last week for the first time and picked up their $1/loaf bread and was happy with it. But their bananas were very over-ripe and priced at .66/lb – I was surprised at the high price and poor condition! And they didn’t mention anything about their rewards program, so that may need to be something people specifically ask about.

    • Hi Dorinda:

      Thanks for stopping buy. Bananas are a tricky business, but we try to manage any over-ripe banana. In fact, when they begin spotting, we usually pull them and let our employees take them home. We usually try to bring in 40 lbs of bananas every week. In general, our banana will be a little more on the green side, but sometimes our only choice is to bring in yellow bananas. Currently we sell a 3lb bag for $1.89 or 63¢ / pound. It is not the cheapest price in town, but it is within the range or most grocery store. Our neighborhood customer insist we have them in stock, so we always try to carry them.

      In terms of the rewards program, it’s open for everyone to sign up. We try to tell everyone about the program, but sometimes we might miss an opportunity to share it. I’ve included the sign-up link for your convenience.


      Thank you for stopping in. We would love to see you again.


      • Thanks, David. Your willingness to take time to respond to concerns is encouraging and speaks well for you guys. I’m rarely in the area, but will stop by again when I am. Just wish I would have known about you guys when I lived down there five years ago.

  3. I shop at Cheapies regularly and have never had a bad experience. They keep a good supply of everyday products as well as many products that are what I would call extras, such as snacks and dessert mixes. They carry good quality brands with very useable dates. One aisle is dedicated to nothing but special diet needs, such as gluten and sugar free free. There are also several healthy choices in their dry bin sect. I have found their produce section to be a great addition. I have bought many produce items there and never had a spoiling problem. I also give them my business for any convenience item when I can, as I would much rather support small business when the prices and service allow. I definitely find both of these qualities at Cheapies. Not only have I saved a bunch of money buying the already discounted products, but I’ve saved as much as $95 in a single shopping trip through their rewards program. What an amazing savings! On top of all of this, their customer service is at the top. I shop with my elderly mother who’s in a wheelchair. Doors are held open, help is offered throughout our shopping time, and it’s all loaded into the car for me. You won’t find a better place to shop in my book.

    • Cathy it is always a pleasure to see you and your mom. It is customers like you that help keep the doors open and the lights on. As a small business owner, I cannot overstate how much your support and patronage means to us.

      Thank you.

  4. When i stopped by today she was running a breakfast bundle 1 lb of bacon, a gallon of milk (not expired) 18 eggs, 2 loaves of pepperidge farms bread, and a box of cereal for 9.99. Great deal. Owner is always helpful and i have never had a bad experience with the staff or products.

    • Hi Kim:

      Thanks for stopping by! All of milk, eggs and bacon are all fresh and brought in twice a week. As a grocery outlet we do have some post-dated food, but the produce, milk, eggs & bacon are all fresh and brought in frequently.

      We appreciate you business and would love to see you again.


  5. I’m glad to hear so many good reports! Thanks, ladies!

  6. I would like to know if y’all carry gluten free items

    • Brenda, we aren’t affiliated with Cheapie’s so I can’t say for sure, but I would guess that since their stock changes so often, it just depends on what they’re able to purchase and sell.

    • Brenda: A commentor from 2016 stated this: One aisle is dedicated to nothing but special diet needs, such as gluten and sugar free free. Of course, it’s probably exactly the case that Carrie stated. It would depend on what they happened to have in stock on any given day.

  7. Eunice Moore says:

    This is a great store, good prices, clean, well stocked, friendly and helpful people. We wee in this morning and more had been added since our last visit. Keep up the food work, David and Michele.

  8. I love Cheapies!! Defiantly worth going to shop there. The owners are so nice, friendly and extremely helpful. David’s wife always offers to help me when she sees me with my little ones after I check out. She loves to serve others! Not many people do that when you got to a store. I’m very thankful that she helps me especially having a newborn and two toddlers and I’m trying to shop. Anyway, I never had issues when I buy from here. Fresh fruit and great quality of food. Every time I shop here I always seem to save money. Thank you for making it very affordable for families. I’m always happy to shop here! Hopefully you guys can open another store in Fountain. 😉 Either way I’ll still drive to y’all.

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