Free Chick-fil-A Breakfast on Tuesdays During February

Free breakfast at Chick-fil-A is back!  The freestanding (non-mall) locations in the Colorado Springs area will be offering free breakfast on the Tuesdays of February 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th during breakfast hours (6-10:30 AM).  The deal varies by location – some do and some don’t require a purchase, and the entree selection may differ at each location – so check with each location’s Facebook page for their particular offer:

Note: They do not all have the free breakfast details up at the time of this posting, so you may need to keep checking their page or call the location.

Also, I noticed that King Soopers now sells Chick-fil-A gift cards.  Thought I’d let you all know since I know many like to buy gift cards for the gas points.



  1. Carole Skidmore says:

    Comments from North Academy FaceBook page.

    ‎Jennifer Smith‎ to Chick-fil-A at North Academy
    February 1 at 4:51pm · Colorado Springs, CO ·
    Are you doing free breakfast Tuesdays in February?
    Denise Wolfard-Daniels
    Denise Wolfard-Daniels Yes they are
    Like · Reply · February 1 at 5:11pm
    2 Replies
    Carole Skidmore
    Carole Skidmore My question exactly. Why isn’t it posted?
    Like · Reply · 10 mins
    Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith When I was there yesterday I asked and they said they were doing free breakfast on Monday’s in February
    Like · Reply · 9 mins

    So maybe it is Mondays instead of Tuesdays.

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