Outside Pickup for Online Orders Coming to Sam’s Club

When I picked up a Sam’s Club Pickup order at their location on Woodmen this week, I asked when they were going to get a drive-up/outside pickup, because I saw that the new Sam’s in Castle Rock has it and I’ve spotted them when traveling, too.  The employee said that they were in the process of adding it and were working on moving around the tire department to add room for it.

So, hopefully soon we’ll be able to pick up Sam’s Club orders without having to go in, something I know will be really great for those with younger kids!

On a related note, have any of you used the Scan & Go feature of the Sam’s app, where you can scan the items as you shop and then proceed straight to the exit?  I’m curious if it works well!



  1. I have not used the scan and go feature on the app yet, maybe soon.
    I have ordered online, some stuff for work. Cases of water and pop and then used drive up to pick it up. It was so quick and easy. They even helped load it in my car. I am in Longmont and the Sam’s club just opened in June.

  2. Melanie Hexter says:

    I have used the Scan & Go app for my last three purchases as Sam’s. Love it! Easy to add/delete items and pay for them via the payment I tied to my Sam’s card. I don’t wait in line anymore! On another note, not fond of the online orders for personal groceries: do I really want someone else picking out the chicken and strawberries for my family? But I can understand where it’s useful for business or fundraiser orders.

    • I’ve done Sam’s and King Soopers online ordering quite a bit and I’ve actually been mostly really pleased with the quality of what they’ve picked out in the way of fresh foods. However, I have decided that I do miss picking out the meat and produce myself – somehow I feel more disconnected with what I’ve bought. I’m going to write a post soon about my experiences with online grocery shopping.

  3. I used the Scan and Go once and I wanted to set up the credit card info before I left the house so I didn’t have to do it at the store while juggling children. It took me about half an hour of battling their app to do that. (It said I needed to be in a Sam’s Store to use the app and since I wasn’t in the store, it didn’t want to let me access the settings at all.) Then I arrived at the store and was trying to use it, but it had forgotten my login information and I was having to login and set up the app all over again. I’m a techie, so I usually do okay with technology, but I was just not doing well with their scan and go that time. I haven’t tried it again since…

  4. I do a mix of online ordering and scan and go and appreciate both! Scan and go is nice for the day that I hadn’t planned ahead but realize we need a few things and today is my chance. It has been a great tool to keep my kids occupied while shopping. One of them holds the product and the other scans while I begin thinking about where to go next. And I Absolutely LOVE not waiting at check out with my kids!

    The only negative that I would warn about is if you check out and then find something else to purchase (or one if your kids accidentally checks out), then you either have to go through a regular checkout for the remaining items or go all the way to customer service to get reset. It’s only happened to me once, but it was a bit of a hassle.

  5. Jeremy Hetzel says:

    I’ve used Scan and Go at least 5 or 6 times now and love it! I am a Sam’s Business Member, so I purchase the same stuff regularly when I go. It’s not much thinking, but it is necessary to stop in. Now I’m in and out in a jiffy. No lines, I know exactly how much I’m spending, etc. Love it!

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