More Recent Thrifting Finds

Here’s some of what I’ve found while thrifting lately:

I’ve been looking for teacups for our homeschool group kiddos to use during their literature class and finally rounded out the collection we needed with eight of these from Goodwill.  I also got some from an estate sale but unfortunately forgot to take a picture.  They were all $1-$2 each.

I didn’t actually buy these chairs but took a photo because I really like the mid-century look and thought these would be cool with some TLC.  As is normal with Goodwill’s chairs, they were $7.99 each.  I’m excited for whoever scored these chairs. :)

More books!  These were all from Goodwill, so they were $0.99-$2.99 each.  A couple of them were ones we needed for school so I was super happy to find them.  A couple of these I bought because one of these days I’m going to host a book swap and want to have a few extra to swap.

Jeremy and I went to the estate sale for one of our clients that I mentioned last week and I think I might have to start going to estate sales more often!  I’m sure it varies by sale but I was really happy with the prices and we found a few great things, like the above antique plant stand for $35.  I haven’t decided exactly where it will go but I knew if I didn’t buy it I was going to regret it, which happens often to me.  I need to get a fern to go on top, as a mason jar of flowers is not quite the right thing.

Speaking of things I don’t buy and then regret, at that same sale was a really big braided rug that I noted but didn’t really even consider.  And then the next day, I realized I totally should have bought it for our barn loft as it’s our “library” and we’re hoping to make it less mouse-infested and more of a cozy place to read this summer.  Oh well!

We also got this console stereo for $50.  Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with the turntable not spinning, so we’re going to have to see if we can get that fixed as the record player is the reason we bought it, but for the price and the fact that it was exactly the size we needed, we decided to buy it and hopefully fix it.  If any of you know someone local we could talk to about figuring out how to fix it, please let me know!

(We because of where we wanted to put it, we needed something not too tall and not very deep, and this fits the space perfectly!  If we can’t get it fixed maybe we’ll take out the innards and convert it into storage.)



  1. I read “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” several years back and really enjoyed it. From time to time something will bring it to mind.

    • I actually just read it and really enjoyed it as well. I had not heard of it before, but found it on a friend’s bookshelf and decided to read it.

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