Free Fruit for Kids at Safeway

Thanks to Dorinda and Super Safeway for this tip: Safeway now has a reusable card that you can redeem for a free Gala apple or a banana for your child each time you shop (as an alternative to the free cookie from the bakery)!  You can pick up a card at customer service and then redeem it at checkout (it’s for a Gala apple or a banana priced at up to $1.00).

Sounds like the Rockrimmon store for sure has these, but it seems like it’s something that all Safeways may have, and the card also has the Albertsons logo on it so I would assume you can pick one up there as well.



  1. Sharon says:

    My daughter LOVES this so much! She asks on a regular basis if we are going to the store and reminds me not to forget her card!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! All stores were mailed the cards on April 19th, so they should all have them somewhere in the store. ;-)

  3. Dorinda says:

    I *finally* made it to Safeway at Union and Academy today with hopes of getting cards for my kids for the first time. They sadly informed me that they only got a small pile from Corporate, that stack was long gone, and they have no idea if they’ll be getting any more from Corporate.

    So if you have them, hang on to them! There’s no more… :(

    • Bummer. I haven’t seen them at any register since my daughter was given one. It’s too bad they only had such a small number to give out, to begin with. I thought it was a great way to encourage kids to eat a healthy snack.

  4. Dorinda says:

    The Safeway at Union/Academy had more cards in stock when we were there today. Yay for free bananas!

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