Freebie for Military Families at Chick-fil-A on Saturday

Chick-fil-A is concluding their week of free breakfast for military (and first responders) on Saturday morning, but then they’ll be offering a free item for active military, veterans, and their families from 4-7 PM this Saturday, May 20th!  Each location is a little different:

  • North Academy, North Carefree, and Chapel Hills Mall will be offering a free original sandwich or 8-count nuggets – more info
  • Garden of the Gods is offering a free entree that is not specified (not sure if you’ll be able to pick or it will be pre-selected) – more info
  • Fountain is the same as GoG (not specified); they’ll also have a bounce house and more free activities – more info

At all locations, this deal is from 4-7 PM only.

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