Free Fruit for Kids at King Soopers

King Soopers now has free fruit for kids in their stores, according to their Facebook page.  Unlike Safeway, you do not have to have a special card to get the fruit, kids can just pick it up and start eating it!  (Maybe this will prompt Safeway to do the same.)  It should be available in the produce section with a banner like the one pictured above.



  1. I read on Facebook that it didn’t appear all locations were participating. One person asked about it and was told it’s up to the Produce dept. and that particular location wasn’t offering it, but they could get a free cookie for their child, instead.

  2. Sarah Murphy says:

    They offer fruit for the kids at Sprouts as well.

  3. Sarah Murphy says:

    No, the lady in the bakery department told me that both of my kids could pick out one piece of small fruit, each. Like a banana or apple
    We washed them off in the bathroom sink and they walked around and ate their fruit while I was shopping. This was at the new location at Powers and Barnes.

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