Price-Matching Ending at Local Walmarts

Update on June 27th: A reader let me know today that the Gazette reported today that price matching has officially ended at all area Wal-Marts.

Dorinda sent in this news that’s a bummer to Walmart shoppers:

My clerk at the Austin Bluffs and Academy Walmart neighborhood market told me today that June 12th is their last day to price match. Savings Catcher will continue, but price matching at the register will cease.

I haven’t heard about any other specific locations that are ending price matching, but it looks like Walmart has been slowly taking away price matching a region at a time for the past year.  If you have heard about other local stores that are or aren’t ending price matching, please comment.



  1. What???? This is going to make my weekly shopping duties much more involved if it includes the Razorback location…….

  2. The Razorback location has signs posted stating they also will be stopping price matching after June 12.

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