Sam’s Club Membership Deals

I was just getting ready to post this Living Social deal for a Sam’s Club membership, but then found this one that’s a little better deal on the Sam’s Club website: you can get a Sam’s Savings membership for $45 with a $20 e-gift card and a free rotisserie chicken, pie, and rolls.  (If you don’t care about the pie and the rolls, then they’re about the same price.)  I hope to do a post soon on what I buy at Sam’s; I’ve done one in the past but it’s definitely changed a lot since I did it years ago!



  1. I quit my Sam’s membership for two reasons. First, their gas is not a TOP TIER gas, which means there are no engine cleaning additives like there are with Costco gas. Second, The Sam’s corporate leadership seems racist against white people, men in particular. The woman leading Sam’s club is a racist and has admitted being so on the news. I cannot be part of a membership with that kind of management.

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