Why My Freezer Contains Glow Sticks

A friend taught me this trick last year and while it probably would have been good to share this before the 4th of the July, the day after is the best I can do.😝  If you put glow sticks in the freezer, they last a long time.

I bought red, white, and blue glow stick wands at Dollar Tree for 4th of July last year, and I took the tip from my friend and stuck them in the freezer after we’d used them on the 4th.  My kids would get them out and play with them over the next few evenings, and then put them back in the freezer, and they kept glowing for a long time.  I don’t recall exactly how long, but it was close to a week with repeated usage.  We’re doing it again this year to stretch out the 4th of July fun!

I know some moms might be dying to get rid of glow sticks as soon as possible so I promise I won’t tell this to your kids.  But if you want to prolong the fun, try putting them in your freezer after each use!

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  1. lol. Right this very minute, my girls are walking around with their dead glow sticks and have already requested they be put in the freezer!

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