$1.00 Sandwich Deal at Arby’s When the Broncos Score 2+ Touchdowns

Arby’s is bringing back their $1.00 deal when the Broncos score two or more touchdowns for the 2017-2018 season!   The day after they score 2+ touchdowns, win or lose, you can go by a participating Arby’s location in Colorado and get a classic roast beef sandwich for $1.00 each (limit one per person).  Just ask for the Broncos deal.

This is valid for both pre-season and regular season games, though I haven’t confirmed if it is valid in playoff games.  Thanks, Brian!



  1. Brian Lackey says:

    Correction to the Arby’s sandwich deal….I order SIX sandwiches this last time and they had no problem giving me all 6. It may depend on the order taker, but was told last year at the same Arby’s by a different order taker on Stetson Hills that the limit was FIVE. So I’m not sure what the real limit is, but it’s not just one.

    • A week or so ago, they had a special where you could get up to 5 Arby’s sandwiches for $1 each. I can’t remember what the reason for the deal was. I go to the location near GoG and I-25 and for the Broncos deal, they ask every time how many people are in the car if I try to order more than one. It happened again, just today. Sounds like there are definitely some variations depending upon location/order taker.

    • It IS now just ONE per visitor. Management changes their minds FASTER than the Colorado weather changes! Not really worth the trip from Peyton for one sandwich.

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