Cool Science Festival Coming Up October 14-22

The 2017 Colorado Springs Cool Science Festival will be this October 14th-22nd, kicking off with the Cool Science Carnival at UCCS that Saturday.   Various businesses and industries host special events in conjunction with this festival throughout the week; most are designed for children or families and most are free.  Be sure to read the details of each event because some may require reservations and may fill up quickly.

All of the events are listed here and get more general information here.



  1. This looks super … well, um… cool! Thanks for sharing this, Carrie!

  2. By the way, we stopped by the Saturday event at UCCS and it was super fun! We arrived just as it started and parking was already full/hard to find. All the events going on in different buildings was VERY overwhelming to us since we had never really been on the UCCS campus, let along navigated the buildings. Thankfully, volunteers out front stepped in with maps and gave us a quick overview and then one of the presenters walked us to the presentation that we wanted to attend. A physics prof/nuclear scientist from UCCS was presenting an interactive physics demonstration and everyone in the room loved it — even my 3yr old and 5yr old. We didn’t get to do a lot more because of our time, but one could have easily stayed there all day. Thanks for sharing this, Carrie!

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