Free Christmas Concert by USAF Academy Band at Pikes Peak Center (All Tickets Claimed)

Update: These tickets were gone by 9 AM on the first date they were available.  Lucky you if you got one! :) 

Update: Their Facebook graphic indicates tickets are available at the Pikes Peak Center or World Arena box office, but the text just says World Arena.  I would recommend calling to confirm both where tickets are available and if there are any remaining before you go to get your tickets on or after November 20th!

Just a heads up that the USAFA Band will be doing a free Christmas concert at Pikes Peak Center on December 5th!  Tickets are available in-person at the Pikes Peak Center or World Arena box office beginning November 20th, but I wanted to let you know now so that you can make plans.  The tickets usually go really fast, so you may want to check the band’s Facebook page for info as last year they posted when the tickets had all been given away.  They always put on a really great show!



  1. Nancy Peterson says:

    For the Pikes Peak Center people started standing in line at 8:30 and they were all gone by 9:00 today, so remember that next year! Wish, aside from the FB page, there would have been a recording on the phone at the box office. I’m sure many people like myself drove downtown only to find they were SOLD OUT!

    • Thank you for the update, Nancy! I was planning to call the box office today to see if they still had tickets so I knew if I should head downtown. Did the box office open at 9? I just looked at their hours on Google and it said they open at 10. Just curious for future reference!

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