Hiking Helen Hunt Falls/Silver Cascade Falls

Colorado has so many beautiful winter days that are warm enough for getting outdoors that I’m going to be publishing a few fun hikes that we’ve done recently even though I know hiking is the last thing on most people’s brains in December.  It just feels so good to get outside and be active in God’s creation that I want to encourage you to put on a few layers of clothing and do it!

We recently visited Helen Hunt Falls – which is not a hike at all; you park right at the base – and then took the trail up to Silver Cascade Falls.  Though the water is low at this time of year, it was still an enjoyable, easy hike that got us out in the fresh air and gave us some great views.

The trail from Helen Hunt Falls up to Silver Cascade Falls is just 1/3rd of a mile, but it’s 1/3rd mile of steps so you will get a workout!

If comparing water flow, Silver Cascade Falls is much less impressive than Helen Hunt Falls (there was barely any water in early December), but in the spring and summer when there’s more water, the water hits a rock and shoots out like a fountain in a spot at Silver Cascade, and I always like watching that.

Silver Cascade, though, is one huge, smooth piece of granite, and somewhat unique in that way.  You get great views from the top, too!

We would love to come back to the falls area once it gets cold enough to freeze enough for ice climbing, which is a thing especially on Silver Cascade Falls.  I have no desire to actually do it but I think it would be fun to watch other people doing it.

Here are some more Colorado Springs-area hikes that I’ve blogged about, and I will share a couple more soon!

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