The Broadmoor’s Gingerbread House 2017

Here’s a free Christmas activity that your families might enjoy: visiting the Broadmoor’s gingerbread house!  Every year, their pastry team creates a gigantic gingerbread house on the second floor of the hotel, and it’s free to go and view.  It smells incredible, too, at least right now while it’s still “fresh”.

We had fun looking at the details of the house and guessing what they used to make each piece.  You can watch a video on their Facebook page of the construction process – it’s pretty incredible!

We stopped in at their coffee shop/bakery while we were there, and in case you want to know before you take your family, a hot chocolate is $2.95, apple cider is $2.55, and most of their pastries are $3-$4.

Oh, and if you’re there during the day time, you can also check out the free Penrose Heritage Museum right across from the Broadmoor.



  1. Looks like fun! Where do you park?

    • Well, we parked on a neighborhood street and walked a few blocks, but that was because I drive a giant van and can’t fit into a parking garage! :/ You can park in the parking garage that’s directly across from the Broadmoor. I looked it up on their website, and it’s $4 for the first hour and $2 for each additional hour, with a maximum of $10/day.

    • valet park (itp the driver)

  2. Just your tip. ($4/5)

  3. Though overnight is $30, maybe call. Last year, we stayed 2 hours, paid valet $5.

  4. From their website: PARKING

    Valet Parking: Valet parking is available to all overnight guests. The charge is $29 per night. Valet parking is complimentary for day visitors.
    Parking Garage: Self-parking for a 24-hour period is $22 per night, with in and out privileges. Day charges are $4 for the first hour and $2 for each additional hour up to a maximum of $10 per day.

  5. Carrie, do you know if the ginger houses will last post-Christmas?

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