Fall 2015 Colorado Springs Consignment Sale Schedule


It’s almost time for fall consignment sale season in Colorado Springs!  Here’s a roundup of the sales in the Colorado Springs area from August to October 2015.

Bagel Deal at Einstein Bros on Mondays


Einstein Bros now has a baker’s dozen of bagels for $6.00 on Mondays!  It sounds like this is an ongoing promotion, but it probably doesn’t hurt to call ahead to confirm that this promotion is still being offered if you are planning on picking it up.  Thanks, Alison!

Free Storytimes, Workshops, and Classes for Kids in August


There’s a variety of places that do a free or cheap event for kids every month: from crafts to storytime to cooking classes, be sure to check out the following places for their events that are going on each month. Barnes & Noble: Free storytime and Lego Club, usually on Fridays and Saturdays. Go here […]

Random Chatter: 7/20/15


An outline because this post is long: Lunchtimes at my house are now amazing House renovations update Flowers Antique store score A question about canning pie filling At the beginning of the summer, I started letting* my 10yo and 7yo  make “picnic lunches” for the kids, with my suggestions and approval as to what they […]

Grocery Shopping at Walmart.com


I recently decided to try ordering some groceries from Walmart.com – man, if I could order all my groceries online, I totally would!  (As it is, I’m happy with Sam’s Club’s Click n’ Pull and hope that King Soopers will be bringing their similar program to Colorado Springs stores soon!) Anyway, I just thought I’d […]

Kids’ Summer Reading Program at Why Not Books


I mentioned earlier this week that I did more thrift store shopping during VBS than I have in the past year combined, and one of those stops was Why Not Books? It’s a used bookstore on Academy, a little south of Dublin and tucked behind the Sonic on the east side. Their book prices are […]

Reader Request: Hail Damage Vehicle Repair


Do you have recommendations on the safest, most economical way to store digital photos? My computer is on the fritz and after our recent natural disasters I figure online storage is the best.

Keeping Lemons & Limes Fresh Longer

making fresh limes last longer

I recently read this tip somewhere from Cook’s Illustrated and have discovered that it really does work! Lemons and limes seem to last longest when you refrigerate them inside an airtight food storage bag: I’ve been doing this and they seem to last for weeks this way!

Free Demonstration Gardens from the Horticultural Art Society


Colorado Springs may not have a botanical gardens, but the Horticultural Art Society has a demonstration garden, and it’s free!  Elizabeth wrote a blog post about it, and it looks lovely – go here to read her post and see the photos.  You can find the location of their gardens here.

Reader Request: Group Swimming Lessons


I’m looking for affordable swimming lessons in the northern Springs or Monument area? In the past I’ve paid around $50-$60 for 8-10 lessons and was hoping to find something similar. Does anyone know of any pools that don’t require a membership that have group lessons?