Grocery Deals and Coupon Matchups for Colorado Springs

The grocery store sales in Colorado Springs run Wednesday-Tuesday. (At Sprouts, ad cycles run Wednesday-Wednesday with ads overlapping on Wednesday.) We generally publish the weekly grocery deals and coupon matchups for Albertsons, Sprouts, and King Soopers on Tuesday mornings. Safeway's weekly deals and coupon matchups are published on Wednesday morning.

Milk Price Update: $2.39 at Walmart

$2.39 for Great Value (gallon) at Walmart Razorback Rd Shelf price; updated November 21.


Store-By-Store Comparison of Turkey Prices (+ Ham, Vegetables, Pies, and More!)

Wondering where the best price on turkey is this year? How about ham, turkey breast, or butter? Or potatoes, cranberries, sweet potatoes, pies, pumpkin, and stuffing mix? I took a look at the ads or online prices for Albertsons, Safeway, King Soopers, Sprouts, Sam’s, Walmart, and Target and broke down the prices for you. I […]


Albertsons Deals (Nov. 18-26): Libby’s Vegetables for $0.39, Butter for $1.99

Though several of their sales are the same as Safeway’s, Albertsons has quite a few great deals of their own, including great deals on Libby’s canned vegetables, bacon, ground beef, butter, and broth.


Safeway Deals (Nov. 18-26): Great Price on Potatoes + Steak on Sale

Safeway has ten-pound bags of russet potatoes for $0.99 starting Wednesday – it’s a limit of two. Albertsons is running the same sale as well. Safeway also has great deals on frosting, Nabisco crackers, Lay’s chips, and more.


Sprouts Deals (Nov. 18-16): Great Deals on Cranberries, Yams, Apples, and More

Sprouts has cranberries for $0.98, chicken breasts for $1.77/lb, a free Organic Prairie bar, and what I think is a great deal on organic butter starting Wednesday and running through Thanksgiving Day! Update: I just realized that they also have Bob’s Red Mill flours on sale for $2.50 as well – great deal!


King Soopers Deals (Nov. 18-26): Flour for $0.99, Oil for $1.49 + More

Here’s the week-before-Thanksgiving sales at King Soopers (and this ad is actually valid through Thanksgiving Day).  If you need soft drinks, flour, oil, or other baking supplies, you’ll like these deals!

Milk Price Update: $1.99 at Albertsons

$1.99 for Shoppers Value or Pantry Essentials (gallon) at Albertsons Sale price; valid through November 26.


Sprouts Deals (Nov. 11-18): Blackberries for $0.98, Oats for $0.50/lb

Sprouts has great prices on blackberries, red grapes, chicken thighs, organic Braeburn apples, oats, Colby Jack cheese, and more this week!


Safeway Deals (Nov. 11-17): Great Deals on Bacon, Ice Cream + Military Discount

You can get Farmer John bacon for $1.99, Blue Bunny ice cream for $2.49, and a great deal on Fiora bath tissue and paper towels at Safeway starting Wednesday. If you’re military, you will receive 10% off your grocery purchase from November 11th-17th (be sure to have your ID with you). I believe this discount […]


Albertsons Deals (Nov. 11-17): Chicken Breasts $1.69/lb + Good Deal on Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes

Starting Wednesday, Albertsons will have boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.69/lb, beef roast (bottom round) for $2.99/lb, and eggs for $1.49, among other great deals!


King Soopers Deals (Nov. 11-17): Free Yeast and Pasta + Avocados for $0.77

The Buy 10, Save $5 event at King Soopers continues this week with $1.99 Land O Lakes Butter, canned vegetables and broth for $0.49, free yeast (Thanks, Sarah!), free pasta (Thanks, Kelsey!), and many more great deals.  New sales include avocados for $0.77 and pumpkin pie filling for $1.00, and this week’s Free Friday Download […]

Milk Price Update: $1.99 at Walmart

$1.99 for Store Brand (gallon) at Walmart 8th Street Shelf price; added November 3.