Grocery Deals and Coupon Matchups for Colorado Springs

The grocery store sales in Colorado Springs run Wednesday-Tuesday. (At Sprouts, ad cycles run Wednesday-Wednesday with ads overlapping on Wednesday.) We generally publish the weekly grocery deals and coupon matchups for Albertsons, Sprouts, and King Soopers on Tuesday mornings. Safeway's weekly deals and coupon matchups are published on Wednesday morning.

Milk Price Update: $1.89 at Walmart

$1.89 for Store Brand (gallon) at Walmart (8th Street) Shelf price; last updated February 10.

Milk Price Update: $1.99 at King Soopers

$1.99 for Colorado Proud (gallon) at King Soopers Sale price; valid through February 16.

Milk Price Update: $1.99 at Safeway

$1.99 for Pantry Essentials (gallon) at Safeway Sale price; valid through February 16.


King Soopers Deals (2/10-2/16): New Mega Event with $0.49 Pasta + Cheap Cereal, Soup, A1, Mustard, and More

Time for a new Buy X, Save $X event at King Soopers, with great deals on everything from cereal to deodorant. Here are some tips for keeping track of your items – most of us are going to want to stock up on quite a few items this time around! This week’s Free Friday Download is […]


Sprouts Deals (2/10-2/17): Organic Cauliflower for $0.88/lb

While they’ll go to half this price during the summer, red grapes are $1.88/lb which is a fantastic price at this time of year! And I think the $2.99/lb price for white quinoa at Sprouts starting Wednesday is a great deal (it’s $4.50/lb at Sam’s Club).


Safeway Deals (2/10-2/16): Great Deals on Teddy Grahams, Apple Sauce Pouches

In addition to their normal weekly sales, Safeway is doing a $5 Friday sale this week, and it includes two-packs of cornish hens for $5.00, Nabisco Teddy Grahams for $1.17, and Tree Top apple sauce pouches for $0.33 after coupon (and still cheaper than WalMart or Sam’s even without a coupon).


Albertsons Deals (2/10-2/16): Bacon, Ribeyes, Laundry Detergent On Sale

Albertsons has some great deals starting Wednesday, with two kinds of bacon on a great sale (including Smithfield – that brand doesn’t go on sale too often), All laundry detergent as low as $1.49, and select General Mills cereals for $0.99.


Safeway Deals (2/3-2/9): Campbell’s Chunky for $0.59 + Good Deals on Wish Bone, KC Masterpiece

Several of Safeway’s best deals match Albertsons, but they do have some great deals of their own starting Wednesday, including great prices on Campbell’s Chunky soup, Frigo string cheese, La Victoria salsa, Red Baron pizza, and more.


Albertson Deals (2/3-2/9): Pepsi 2-Liters for $0.77 + Great Price on Post Cereal

Post Honeycomb, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Honey Graham Oh’s are on sale for a great price (considering the fact that they don’t go on sale often) at Albertsons starting Wednesday; plus great deals on avocados and Pepsi 2-liters, among other things.


Sprouts Deals (2/3-2/10): Organic Broccoli for $0.98/lb + Great Price on Avocados, Tomatoes

It’s guacamole and salsa time at Sprouts starting Wednesday: avocados are $0.48 each and roma tomatoes are $0.48/lb! They also have great deals on organic broccoli, chicken, baby-back ribs, and more.


King Soopers Deals (2/3-2/9): Great Deals on DiGiorno, Dreyer’s, Shrimp, Steak

You can get DiGiorno pizzas for $3.49 (or less with a coupon), steak and shrimp for $4.99/lb, Aussie and Herbal Essences hair care as low as $0.67, and quite a few more good deals in Wednesday’s King Soopers ad!


Safeway Deals (1/27-2/2): Starbucks VIA $3.99 + Great Deal on Snuggle

Here are the best deals that I see in the Safeway ad that starts Wednesday: great deals on Starbucks VIA, Snuggle, Maruchan Yakisoba, Tree Top apple juice, clementines and more.