Reader Request: Where to Find Fresh Honeycomb

Where can I find/ purchase fresh honeycomb in Colorado Springs area?

Reader Request: Pediatrician

Are there any pediatricians out there that allow breastfeeding during vaccinations and other pain management techniques for babies such as topical anesthetics, distraction etc.? My wife really needs help finding a pediatrician who cares about this.

African Food Markets in Colorado Springs?

I was curious if there were any new African markets in Colorado Springs? My husband is from Nigeria and we have been talking about possibly moving to the area.

Reader Request: Salon Specializing in Digital Perms

I am hoping I can get your help to find a salon/hairstylist that specializes in digital perms, specifically for a body wave.

Reader Request: Hair Stylist

I have been looking for a stylist for the past yearsince moving here to Colorado Springs and have gone through five. No one is able to cut my hair in the short spiky style I had or color my hair correctly with chunky blond highlights, not blended highlights.

Reader Request: Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing

I’m wanting to resurface my kitchen cabinets but I’m not sure who to use or how good different businesses are. Can someone point me in the direction I need to go?

Reader Request: Selling PC & Board Games

Would you possibly know of any place in Colorado Springs that would buy used PC games, board games, and books?

Reader Request: Hail Damage Vehicle Repair

With all these hail storms we’ve been hit with I’m looking for a quality body shop to repair my hail-damaged car. It’s been estimated as paintless dent repair if that makes a difference.

Reader Request: Group Swimming Lessons

I’m looking for affordable swimming lessons in the northern Springs or Monument area? In the past I’ve paid around $50-$60 for 8-10 lessons and was hoping to find something similar. Does anyone know of any pools that don’t require a membership that have group lessons?

Reader Request: Porta-Potty Recommendations

We’re getting ready to have a bunch of work done on the house and our contractor has suggested having a porta-potty for people to use. I’m curious if any of you have found a good company for this.

Reader Request: Carpet Cleaners

I’m looking into getting our carpets shampooed (four bedrooms, two living rooms, two sets of six stairs). What companies would you recommend?

Reader Request: Liability Insurance

Does anyone have a recommendation for basic liability coverage for a business?