Why I Use Feedblitz

Several months ago I started using Feedblitz for my RSS to email newsletter, after getting frustrated with Feedburner’s unreliability and people’s complaints that they weren’t receiving the newsletter.  I’ve been very pleased with the service and support.  This is what my Feedblitz newsletter looks like.  Slick, eh?

Here are some of my favorite things about Feedblitz:

  • Custom template editor.  All Feedburner emails look the same.  With Feedblitz, I’m able to create a template that matches the look and feel of my site, which is important for branding.  I was also able to design a template that integrated an ad for my site sponsor, which adds value to the advertising packages I offer.
  • In-depth statistics. I haven’t even explored all of the stats the Feedblitz provides me with!  It’s great to be able to go in and look at the open rate, the click through rate, etc., and see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Automatic re-sending of confirmation emails.  If a person subscribes but doesn’t confirm their subscription, Feedblitz automatically sends them a followup a few days later to make sure they didn’t miss the first confirmation email.
  • Ability to create a custom newsletter. Though I haven’t used this feature yet, I like that I have the ability to send a “manual” update to all my subscribers, rather than just the daily RSS items.  I’m preparing to launch a new product, and may use this feature to make sure my readers know about the product, instead of having it buried in the daily newsletter.
  • Support.  When I had trouble creating an email template, I was able to email Feedblitz to ask questions – and I got a prompt response!  If something’s not quite working right, I can contact them and receive help.  You just don’t get that with a free service!

Many people have asked me if I’m seeing a monetary return on investment with Feedblitz.  Right now, I can’t say it’s visibly paying for itself – however, to me, the email branding, flexibility, and support are well worth it!  I consider it an investment in my site, and in my blog readers.

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