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Trying to find a particular product?  Looking for recommendations for a service provider?  Your fellow Springs Bargains readers are here to help!  The weekly Reader Requests section can help you find a particular product, research the lowest every day price in town, or help you find recommendations for a service provider.

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Reader Requests Archives

Home Improvement and Care

Xeriscaping Plants
Good-sized, Reasonably Priced Trees

Where To Buy Seeds
Landscaping and Excavating Service
Air Conditioning Installation

Window Company
Fencing Company

Professional Picture Framing Shop
Good Handyman Service
Attic Insulation
Garage Door Panels

How To Find A Good Deal on a Mattress
Wood Floor Refinishing
Sprinkler Installation
Pest Extermination
Roofing Company
Piano Tuner
Sprinkler Blowouts
House Painting
Tree Trimming Services
Carpet Installation Company
Where to find upholstery cleaner
Contractor For Egress Window Install
Washer & Dryer Recommendations
Popcorn Ceiling Refinishing
New Stove Recommendations
Carpet Cleaning Detergent Discounts
Handyman Services
Carpet Cleaners
Used or Reclaimed Building Materials
Chimney Sweep
Flooring Installation
Air Duct Cleaning
Vinyl Siding Installation
Trash Service Provider
Residential Snow Removal

Pet Care

Affordable Pet Grooming
Doggy Hotel and Boarding
Low-Cost Veterinarian
Dog Trainers

Clothing and Jewelry

Where To Sell Children’s Clothing
Affordable Shoe Repair
Monogramming + Embroidery Services
Where To Sell Gold
Jeweler/Jewelry Repair
Dry Cleaner
Wedding Dress Preservation
Seamstress/Alterations Shop
Sweater Repair/ Reweaving
Re-Sell a Wedding Dress
Dry Cleaner

Food and Cooking

Propane Tank Refill
Chocolate Chex, Licorice, and more
Canned Hot Jalapenos
Getting Started Canning
Cinnamon Oil (Facebook Discussion)
Joining a CSA

Best local farmers’ markets
When To Buy A Grill
Lutefisk and Lefse
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Parmesan Cheese
Bush’s Chili Magic
Gedney Pickles
Goat Meat
“Some Dude’s Fry Sauce”
Gates Hot BBQ Sauce
Pineapple Extract
Keebler Danish Wedding Cookies
Cherry Baking Chips
Tamarind, Lemongrass
Pasteurized Eggs
Calrose Rice 
African Foods
Cinnamon Chips
Mincemeat Pies 
Pasteurized Eggs
Grass-Fed Beef
Loose Leaf Tea
MCP Brand Pectin
Pasture-Raised Pork


Frozen Yogurt and Sno Cones
Hot Chocolate Stands and Shops
Where To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner
Authentic Greek Salad
California-style Pastrami Sandwiches
Taco Pizza
Cheese Curds
Cornish Pasties
Bakery for Birthday Cakes
Restaurant for Thanksgiving Dinner
Authentic Italian Bakery
Matzo Ball Soup

Travel and Recreation

Affordable Lodging
Good Places To Golf
Where To Camp With Kids
Tent Repair

Auto Care

Auto Body Shop
Windshield Repair
East-side Auto Mechanic

VolkswagenMechanic Recommendations
Cheap Motor Oil
Window Tinting
Transmission Repair
Local Tire Retailer
Car Detailing Company

Health Care Providers

Lasik Provider
Downtown Chiropractor
Briargate-Area Optometrist
Best Gyms in Colorado Springs
Pediatrician Recommendations
Orthodontist Recommendations
Acupuncturist Recommendations
Children’s Eye Doctor
Family Doctor with Holistic Approach

Other Service Providers

Massage School
Make-A-Meal Place

Inexpensive Cell Phone Service

Book Binding and Repair
House Cleaning Service


Swimming Lessons

(Facebook discussion)
Hair Stylist

Computer Repair

Wedding Florist
Knife Sharpening Service
Pedicures, Eyebrow Wax
Sewing Machine Repair
Trash Service
Carpet Cleaning
Internet Service Providers
Cheap Cable TV
Cheapest Place for Waxing
Gel Nail Polish Service
Renting a Dumpster
Driver’s Education Training
Guitar and Drum Lessons
Piano Lessons 
Reasonably-Priced Photographer 
Transferring Old Movies to Dvd’s 
Pharmacy  Recommendations
Dance and Gymnastics Lessons 
Moving Truck Rental
Recommended Babysitters
Web & Graphic Designers
Limousine Rental
Best, Affordable Nursery
Affordable Hair Stylists
Where to Get Cheap Moving Boxes
Local Christmas Tree Farm
Photography Services
Sewing Machine Repair
Mens, Boys Haircuts
Where to purchase a box spring
Massage Therapist
District 11 Preschool/Daycare

Where To Donate…

Where To Donate Personal Care Items
Where To Donate Formula
Where To Donate A Mattress (Facebook Discussion)
Where to Volunteer 


Outdoor Wedding Location
Indoor Wedding Reception Venue
Birthday Party Locations
Office Party Locations
Baby Shower Venue
Inexpensive Place to Host Reception

Other / Miscellaneous

Inexpensive Preschool Curriculum
Cross Country Moving Tips
Where To Find Moving Boxes
Recycling for Cash
Fels Naptha Soap
The Slice Coupon Cutter
Best Place for Printing Flyers
Baby Shower Cakes
Baby Shower Invitations
Inexpensive Self-Storage Unit
Where to buy Printer Ink
Moms Groups
Where to Print Invitations
Where To Sell Baseball Cards and Postage Stamps

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