Albertsons Coupon Policy


If there’s one store that’s frustrating to shop at, it’s Albertson’s!  Their coupon policy varies widely by store, manager or cashier.  Here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • Colorado Springs-area stores are starting to observe a 3-like coupon rule.  They may not accept more than three of the same coupon.
  • They may or may not double coupons that state “Do Not Double”.
  • They may or may not double coupons that are printables.

Albertsons used to double coupons periodically, though we haven’t seen it for several years. When they do, here’s how it usually works:

  • Coupons worth 25 ¢ are quadrupled to $1.00
  • Coupons worth 33 ¢ are tripled to $1.00
  • Coupons worth 50-99 ¢ are doubled to $1.00
  • Coupons worth $1.00 or more are redeemed at face value.

Albertsons occasionally puts out purchase coupons like $10 of your purchase of $100 or more. According to the verbiage on the coupon, the purchase requirement is usually met only after all discounts and manufacturer’s coupons have been applied, and sometimes excludes milk.

Albertsons does not have a store card that is required to receive discounts, but you can donate 1% of your shopping trip to a local charity!

You can view Albertsons ads online here. And you can view all current and archived specials from posts tagged with Albertsons.