Printable Coupon Troubleshooting

Can’t get coupons to print? Here’s some things you might try:

  • Make sure you are already connected to a printer before you hit print – sometimes it’s helpful to print a test page beforehand just to make sure it’s working properly.
  • Make sure your default printer is not set to a PDF or other document writer. You cannot print to PDF.
  • Sometimes there are issues with printing to a network printer. I have had success with printing coupons to a printer that’s connected via a network, but cannot print to a computer that’s connected via another computer.
  • Make sure the settings for add-ons within your browser are turned on – if the settings that allow plugins like the coupon printers to work are turned off, you won’t be able to print.
  • If all else fails, try a different browser! And if it still fails, take a deep breath and calculate the cost of the stress of continuing to try to figure it out versus the money you will save with the coupon. I guarantee you’ll be better off if you can just let go and move on! :)

Specific Tips For Bricks Printables

If you ever had problems printing the Bricks printables like this one, try this tip…

Bricks coupons have really long URLs like this:

There’s a couple of letters in there that tell the coupon printer which printer to use for a particular browser. It doesn’t auto-detect which browser you’re using, and if it points to the URL for Firefox and you’re using Safari, it most likely won’t print.

To fix that, you’ll just need to change two letters in the URL. Here’s the scoop:

For the Internet Explorer browser, you’ll need to replace the xg with a wi or a vi like this:

Change this:

to this:

or this:

Firefox needs to point those letters to a vg or wg, and Safari prefers a xs.   Now, some Bricks printables seem to have no problems and don’t need a URL change, but if you ever come across one that just won’t print right, try this little trick!

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