Whole Foods Coupon Policy

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Here is what I received from the Whole Foods store on Academy Blvd in Colorado Springs in response to a request for their official coupon policy in October 2009.

Yes, you can combine a store coupon with a manufacture coupon at PPK. I don’t have an official coupon policy, but any specific questions you may have we can assist you by calling Brooke at (719)531-9999. If you do have a store and manufacture coupon that would equal more than the product costs, we don’t give money back on coupons, but the product will be free. Please feel free to contact us with any further assistance you may need.

And from the store at the First and Main Towne Center:

Yes, we do allow Store and Manufacturer’s coupons to be combined. We have no other policies regarding coupon redemption. We do have coupons taped to many items so the customers don’t have to take the time to cut them out themselves. (no limit on redemption of coupons)

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