Cheap Things To Do in the Springs: the best of the rest

Whew!  We’ve covered a lot of cheap and free things to do in Colorado Springs, and today we’ll wrap up the series with the “Best of the Rest” – the unofficial list of things to do, from taking a drive down a mountain road to watching the airplanes at the Academy. Watch Sky Sox fireworks […]

Cheap Things To Do In The Springs: cheap eats

If you’re going going to be out all day hiking, visiting a museum, or having some fun indoors, you’ll need to eat, too!  No need to blow the budget on dining out… There are plenty of cheap eats in Colorado Springs. What qualifies as a “cheap eat”? Rachel Ray may think that $40 a day […]

Cheap Things To Do In Colorado Springs: parks and playgrounds

Time to continue with the list of Cheap Things To Do In Colorado Springs!  Here are some favorite parks and playgrounds in Colorado Springs.  There’s not much that’s cheaper!  As I was making this list I realized that one, we have a lot of parks in Colorado Springs, and two, there’s a lot we have […]

Cheap Things To Do in the Springs: take a hike

There’s not much that’s cheaper to do in Colorado Springs than hiking!  Here’s a list of some of the best hikes in Colorado Springs.  There are many, many, many hiking trails in Colorado Springs, and this is nowhere near an exhaustive list – just the ones that readers have recommended or we’ve had experience with.  […]

Cheap Things To Do in the Springs: free sporting events

Did you know you can watch select USAFA sporting events for free?  Several of you have mentioned it as a fun, free activity.  It looks like basketball, football, volleyball, and ice hockey have ticket charges, but according to several of you, other sporting events like baseball are free! Call the ticket office to confirm before […]

Cheap Things To Do in the Springs: indoor fun

Whether you’re escaping the summer heat or trying to stay warm during the winter, here are some fun, cheap and free things to do indoors in Colorado Springs.  We’ve already covered museums in Colorado Springs, so there are none of those on this list.  Stay tuned for more cheap things to do in Colorado Springs […]

Cheap Things To Do in the Springs: letterboxing and geocaching

Geocaching is one of those terms that I’ve heard but never really knew what it meant.  Several people suggested it as a fun and cheap activity to do here in Colorado Springs, so I looked it up and it sounds like tons of fun! According to, “geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is a worldwide game of […]

Cheap Things To Do in the Springs: sledding!

Well, this is a seasonal activity, but it’s free, and would certainly work for this spring break week! There are tons of places to go sledding in Colorado Springs – awhile back I created a map for my husband’s site with markers for the sledding hills I found online. You can click on each map […]

Free and Cheap Museums in Colorado Springs

There’s no shortage or cheap or free things to do in the Colorado Springs area if you like history. Colorado Springs has museums on everything from sports to money! Colorado Springs Pioneer’s Museum (215 South Tejon Street) Susan said this about the Pioneer’s Museum: “admission to the The Pioneers Museum is free, and they have […]