Couponing Question: Will A Doubled Coupon Get Me Overage?

Diana emailed with a question about coupon doubling: I was wondering about how a couponing trick would work. This morning, there was a coupon for Suave deoderant for $0.75 off 1. Often King Soopers sell these deoderants for $0.88. If the store doubles the coupon to a dollar, will I get the full $1 value […]

Coupon FAQ: How To File Store Coupons

A question about organizing store coupons from Cyndi: I am using a modified version of your coupon organizer, and I really love it.  I do have one question for you, about it, though. How do you file store coupons? For instance, if I have a coupon for Bounty paper towels, but it’s only good at […]

My Newspaper Subscription Ended, But They Keep Delivering Papers!

So you’ve reached the end of your newspaper subscription and decided, for whatever reason, not to renew. But they keep delivering a paper to your driveway just as before! You think, “Surely there’s some mistake – they’ll figure it out soon and will stop delivering.” But, no, they won’t stop delivering for several months, and […]

How Do I Get Coupons For Fresh Produce?

I seem to notice that while you get coupons on processed items, you get very few coupons for vegetables or fruits. Is there a way to get coupons on fruits and produce? It’s true, there are few coupons for fresh produce, at least compared to the number of coupons for other products.  But, there are […]

Couponing FAQ: Do You Pay Full Price On Necessities?

I have always been a Wal-Mart shopper and want to get away from it, but I keep going back because it is convenient or I’m afraid of spending more on the necessity items like milk, bread, toilet paper at the other grocery stores. Do you spend full price on the necessities at grocery stores even […]

Couponing FAQ: Using 2 Coupons On A B1G1 Sale

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this particular issue lately, so I thought maybe a blog post was in order to help clarify the issue of using coupons on a buy one, get one free store sale. Can you use two separate coupons on a buy one, get one free sale at King […]

Couponing FAQ: How Long To Keep Inserts?

Several readers have recently emailed with this question or a similar one: I do not clip all my inserts, but rather clip the coupons I know I will use and then date/file the rest to pull up as needed when a deal comes around. How long do you recommend keeping inserts around if you don’t […]

Couponing FAQ: Sales Tax On Coupon Items

I know, I know, another Couponing FAQ post in the same week. But Cathy emailed with a great question and I wanted to get your feedback! I had a question about sales tax. I took advantage of the Earth’s Best Diapers deal at Babys R Us today. I had some manufacturers coupons for $2 off […]

Couponing FAQ: Answers for Newbies

Jaime writes… I am new to couponing and was wondering if you could tell me where the best places to get coupons would be, who doubles coupons in colorado springs, and does the Gazette offer coupons on other days besides Sunday? Thanks so much for you help! Hi, Jaime!  Welcome to couponing – you’re in […]

Couponing FAQ: problems with coupons only printing halfway

Amanda’s got a problem with printable coupons: Recently I’ve had a problem printing coupons from Bricks links or if I’m just printing one coupon from The coupon only prints out half way! . If I’m printing more than one coupon from then they all print out just fine. Or, if there is an […]

Couponing FAQ: price matching and competitor’s coupons

Lori’s curious about price matching and competitor’s coupons… Which stores price match?  I’m particularly interested in King Soopers and Safeway. Do they match each other’s prices if I take the flier in there? Walmart price matches and has for years.  It’s usually a pretty simple process – just take in the ad and show it […]

Couponing FAQ: is this PDF coupon legit?

A reader emailed with a question about the legitimacy of a printable coupon: I found a coupon for Post-It Notes and I’m wondering if you think it’s fraudulent. It’s a PDF, and I think you posted a while back that that’s a sign the coupon isn’t real. Wouldn’t I find out for sure if I […]