Safeway Deals (9/30-10/6): Cereal for $0.49, Cake Mix and Frosting for $0.38

Safeway again has very similar sales to Albertsons this week.  They both have chicken breasts for $1.69/lb, though Safeway also includes thighs in the same sale. I’m going to point you to the Albertsons post for the breakdown on the Buy 4, Save $2.00 sale since many of the best deals are the same.  Many […]


Safeway Deals (9/23-9/29): Campbell’s Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup for $0.30

Safeway has russet potatoes (10 lb) for $1.49 this week, plus great deals on Campbell’s tomato and chicken noodle soup, petite sirloin steak (and you don’t have to buy three packages), and bottled water.  They are running the same Buy 10 for $0.75 ConAgra sale as Albertsons, but it looks like Safeway’s version of the […]


Safeway Deals (9/16-9/22): Good Deals on Ice Cream and Yoplait

I see Blue Bunny ice cream for $2.49, Yoplait cups for $0.39, and Fritos for $1.69 at Safeway this week.  If you see any other great deals or have a question, please comment.


Safeway Deals (9/9-9/15): Free Bounty Paper Towels and Skippy PB for $0.99

This week at Safeway, you can get the single rolls of Bounty Basic paper towels for free, Skippy peanut butter for $0.99, and great deals on 7-Up products.


Safeway Weekly Deals (9/2-9/8): Bacon for $1.99 + Great Deal on Skippy

A lot of Safeway’s sales were the exact same or very similar to Albertsons, but they did have a few that were unique to Safeway, like Farmland bacon for $1.99 and Skippy peanut butter for $1.49.  They also have a great deal on ribeye steaks.


Safeway Weekly Deals (8/26-9/1): Good Deals on Cornish Hens, GM Cereal

I got lambasted with some sort of sickness yesterday so unfortunately I’m not going to get to the Safeway grocery deals this week.  I glanced at the ad and they have a great deal on Cornish hens on Friday, and select General Mills cereal is $1.49 (before coupons).  If you see any great deals at […]


Weekly Grocery Deals (8/19-8/25): Vacation Week

I’ve had a lot on my plate for the past couple of weeks and need to focus on planning for our school year, the Awana program at our church, house renovations, and (as another mom who knows how busy life has been this month encouraged me with this week) loving my family, so I’m taking […]


Safeway Weekly Deals (8/12-8/18): Free Cereal, Yoplait for $0.29, Tide for $0.99

Starting Wednesday at Safeway, you can get select General Mills cereal free after coupon, a great deal on Yoplait cups, Tide detergent as low as $0.99, a great deal on ground beef, and more!


Safeway Weekly Deals (8/5-8/11): All Detergent Under $2, Jif for $1.49

You can get All laundry detergent as low a $1.38 starting Wednesday at Safeway, plus great deals on Jif, Suddenly Salad, Helper meals, American Beauty pasta, and free Minute rice!


Safeway Weekly Deals (7/29-8/4): Sockeye Salmon Under $8/lb + More

A lot of Safeway’s deals are the same prices as Albertsons (a reader said they are supposed to officially merge in September), but Albertsons’ big sale is Buy 8, Save $4 and Safeway’s is Buy 4, Save $2.  (I guess that only matters at Albertsons, if you bought in multiples of four instead of eight.)


Safeway Weekly Deals (July 22-28): Skippy PB for $0.99

I’m so sorry, but I ran out of time to get the Safeway ad done today, so I’m not going to be able to do a printable list for Safeway this week.  They do have some pretty great deals on cereal if you’re loyal to Kellogg’s, Skippy peanut butter, Fritos/Cheetos, Blue Bunny, and Yoplait cups. […]


Safeway Weekly Deals (7/15-7/21): New York Strip for $5.88/lb

This must be the season for blueberries, because they’re on sale for a great price at Safeway starting Wednesday (in addition to being on sale at Sprouts and King Soopers).  They also have a great deal on New York strip steak, and eggs are $1.88.  I just paid $2.99 for a dozen eggs at King […]