Safeway Deals (2/17-2/23): Whole Chicken for $0.69/lb, Eggland’s Best Eggs for $0.99

The dropping-grocery-prices trend continues with Safeway’s ad that starts on Wednesday! It’s been years since we’ve seen whole chickens as low as $0.69/lb, and they have great deals on quite a few other items as well.

Safeway Deals (2/10-2/16): Great Deals on Teddy Grahams, Apple Sauce Pouches

In addition to their normal weekly sales, Safeway is doing a $5 Friday sale this week, and it includes two-packs of cornish hens for $5.00, Nabisco Teddy Grahams for $1.17, and Tree Top apple sauce pouches for $0.33 after coupon (and still cheaper than WalMart or Sam’s even without a coupon).

Safeway Deals (2/3-2/9): Campbell’s Chunky for $0.59 + Good Deals on Wish Bone, KC Masterpiece

Several of Safeway’s best deals match Albertsons, but they do have some great deals of their own starting Wednesday, including great prices on Campbell’s Chunky soup, Frigo string cheese, La Victoria salsa, Red Baron pizza, and more.

Safeway Deals (1/27-2/2): Starbucks VIA $3.99 + Great Deal on Snuggle

Here are the best deals that I see in the Safeway ad that starts Wednesday: great deals on Starbucks VIA, Snuggle, Maruchan Yakisoba, Tree Top apple juice, clementines and more.

Safeway Deals (1/20-1/26): $5 Friday is Back + Great Deal on Chex Cereal

You can get Chex cereal for $1.49 after coupons when you buy four, plus a free gallon of milk, at Safeway starting Wednesday!  They also have the same $0.99 pork chop sale as Albertsons, and it looks like $5 Friday is back!

Safeway Deals (1/13-1/19): Kellogg’s Cereal for $0.99, Dr. Pepper for $0.77

Here are the best deals that I see at Safeway this week! I spy good deals on country-style pork ribs, chicken breasts, sour cream, Dr. Pepper 2-liters, Powerade, and more.

Safeway Deals (1/6-1/12): Ground Beef for $2.99/lb

Here are some highlights of the best deals that I could find in the Safeway ad that starts Wednesday. You can get 85% lean ground beef for $2.99/lb and eggs for $1.49, among other deals.

Safeway Deals (12/16-12/26): Good Deals on Eggs, Bacon, Butter, All Detergent

The Safeway ad that starts Wednesday runs through December 26th; here are a few highlights: Smithfield Bacon – $2.99 Land O Lakes Butter – $1.99 Lucerne Eggs – $1.49 Russet Potatoes (10 lb) – $0.99 Ribeye or New York Strip Roast – $5.77/lb Kuner’s Vegetables – $0.50 Rice A Roni – $0.88 Mezetta Peppers – […]

Safeway Deals (12/9-12/15): Ground Beef for $2.99/lb

I’m on Christmas break from grocery deals (earlier than planned), but I took a quick look at the Safeway ad and saw that they have 80% lean ground beef for $2.99/lb, Pepsi 2-liters for $0.88, 18-count eggs for $1.99, and Tropicana orange juice for $1.99.  Check out the full ad here.

Safeway Deals (Dec. 2-8): Free Crest and Colgate Toothpaste

You can get both Crest and Colgate toothpaste free after coupon at Safeway starting Wednesday, plus good deals on Carmex, broth, baking mixes, and more.

Safeway Deals (Nov. 18-26): Great Price on Potatoes + Steak on Sale

Safeway has ten-pound bags of russet potatoes for $0.99 starting Wednesday – it’s a limit of two. Albertsons is running the same sale as well. Safeway also has great deals on frosting, Nabisco crackers, Lay’s chips, and more.

Safeway Deals (Nov. 11-17): Great Deals on Bacon, Ice Cream + Military Discount

You can get Farmer John bacon for $1.99, Blue Bunny ice cream for $2.49, and a great deal on Fiora bath tissue and paper towels at Safeway starting Wednesday. If you’re military, you will receive 10% off your grocery purchase from November 11th-17th (be sure to have your ID with you). I believe this discount […]