Sprouts Deals (2/17-2/24): Oats for $0.50/lb + Great Deals on Organic Apples, Cuties

Lots of great deals at Sprouts starting Wednesday: cuties for $0.80/lb, two varieties of organic apples for $0.98/lb, oats for $0.50/lb, and quite a few more great sales. They’re doing a buy one, get one free sale on many items in their grocery section, which will work out to be a good deal on many […]

Sprouts Deals (2/10-2/17): Organic Cauliflower for $0.88/lb

While they’ll go to half this price during the summer, red grapes are $1.88/lb which is a fantastic price at this time of year! And I think the $2.99/lb price for white quinoa at Sprouts starting Wednesday is a great deal (it’s $4.50/lb at Sam’s Club).

Sprouts Deals (2/3-2/10): Organic Broccoli for $0.98/lb + Great Price on Avocados, Tomatoes

It’s guacamole and salsa time at Sprouts starting Wednesday: avocados are $0.48 each and roma tomatoes are $0.48/lb! They also have great deals on organic broccoli, chicken, baby-back ribs, and more.

Sprouts Deals (1/27-2/3): Broccoli and Cauliflower for $0.48/lb

Chicken breasts, broccoli, cauliflower, swordfish steaks, and ahi tuna are all on sale for stock-up prices at Sprouts starting Wednesday!

Sprouts Deals (1/20-1/27): Chuck Roast for $2.99/lb + Gluten-Free Sale

We used to see chuck roast for $2.99/lb all the time, but it’s pretty rare to see it go that low now.  Sprouts has that price starting Wednesday, and I hope they have lots in stock! If you didn’t see my post with all the grand opening dates last week, you might want to check […]

Sprouts Deals (1/13-1/20): Rock-Bottom Price on Oats and Chicken Breasts

Oats for $0.50/lb (all week) and chicken breast for $1.59/lb (Friday-Sunday only) at Sprouts in the ad that starts on Wednesday! They also have great deals on blueberries, walnuts, and more.

Sprouts Deals (1/6-1/13): Mandarins for $0.80/lb + More

Cuties mandarins and organic Braeburn apples are both under $1.00/lb starting Wednesday at Sprouts, and they have great prices on Sockeye salmon, chicken tenders, and pork loin!

Sprouts Deals (12/16-12/24): Pineapple for $0.98 + Great Deal on Chicken and Oats

Here are some of the best deals I see at Sprouts starting Wednesday!  Their ad runs through Christmas Eve. Organic Oranges – $0.48/lb Whole Pineapple – $0.98 each Walnut Halves and Pieces – $4.99/lb Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast, Thighs, or Tenders – $1.69/lb Oats – $0.69/lb Thompson Seedless Raisins – $1.99/lb You can view the […]

Sprouts Deals (12/9-12/15): Great Deals on Oranges, Bell Peppers, Avocados

I’m on Christmas break from grocery deals (earlier than planned), but quickly looked at the Sprouts ad for this week and saw that they have great produce deals as usual!  Here’s a few highlights: Oranges for $0.33/lb Avocados for $0.50 Green bell peppers for $0.33 Blackberries for $1.25 85% lean ground beef for $2.99/lb Barbara’s […]

Sprouts Deals (Dec. 2-9): Eggplant for $0.48, Chicken for $1.77/lb

Sprouts has great deals on mandarins, eggplant, pears, trail mix, and chicken starting Wednesday.

Sprouts Deals (Nov. 18-16): Great Deals on Cranberries, Yams, Apples, and More

Sprouts has cranberries for $0.98, chicken breasts for $1.77/lb, a free Organic Prairie bar, and what I think is a great deal on organic butter starting Wednesday and running through Thanksgiving Day! Update: I just realized that they also have Bob’s Red Mill flours on sale for $2.50 as well – great deal!

Sprouts Deals (Nov. 11-18): Blackberries for $0.98, Oats for $0.50/lb

Sprouts has great prices on blackberries, red grapes, chicken thighs, organic Braeburn apples, oats, Colby Jack cheese, and more this week!