Sprouts Deals (9/30-10/7): Grapes for $0.88/lb + Great Deals on Nature’s Path

A lot of kids are going to be happy that grapes are on sale this week at Sprouts – red, green, and black are $0.88/lb.  And they have Late July tortilla chips for $1.50.  I think I have shared just how delicious the flavors of Late July are, and they’re practically healthy if I can […]


Sprouts Deals (9/23-9/30): Walnuts for $4.99/lb, Cantaloupe for $0.50 each

Sprouts has cantaloupe for $0.50 each this week, plus good deals on walnuts, Boulder Canyon Chips, Pacific Foods products, and more. And based on my comparison of King Soopers’ prices, I think Sprouts has a great deal on Udi’s gluten-free bread this week: it’s $3.99.


Sprouts Weekly Deals (9/16-9/23): Great Deals on Apples, Grapes, Oats, Bone-In Chicken

Time to stock up on oats again – they’re $0.69/lb this week at Sprouts!  They also have organic apples for $0.98/lb (the Diva variety – I don’t think I’ve ever had those), and black grapes for $0.68/lb.


Sprouts Deals (9/9-9/16): Peaches, Berries, Dave’s Killer Bread on Sale

Peaches are on sale for $0.48/lb this week at Sprouts!  They also have a decent deal on blackberries and strawberries, which I’m super-happy to see because we have eaten almost all of the jams that I canned when berries were on sale this spring. :/  (So much for preserving food for the winter!)  Hopefully I […]


Sprouts Deals (9/2-9/9): Tomatoes & Avocados for $0.50/lb

I’m excited about the $0.50/lb tomatoes that will be on sale at Sprouts starting Wednesday!  A couple of months ago, I smoked some tomatoes and canned them, and they turned out well so I’m hoping to do a whole batch of them soon. Sprouts will also have a bunch on items on sale buy one, […]


Sprouts Weekly Deals (8/26-9/1): Chicken Thighs for $1.49

Sprouts has great deals on chicken thighs, grapes, lettuce, and many more items this week!  As I mentioned in the other ads, I got the King Soopers post done and then got hit with illness, so I’m not going to do a full ad wrapup like usual.  If you see any other great deals worth […]


Weekly Grocery Deals (8/19-8/25): Vacation Week

I’ve had a lot on my plate for the past couple of weeks and need to focus on planning for our school year, the Awana program at our church, house renovations, and (as another mom who knows how busy life has been this month encouraged me with this week) loving my family, so I’m taking […]


Sprouts Weekly Deals (8/12-8/19): Pineapple for $0.77 + Good Deals on Peanut Butter & Co, Horizon

Sprouts will have whole pineapple for $0.77 each starting Wednesday!  (Honestly, I’ve discovered that depending on the size – they’re usually pretty small when they go this cheap – it’s often still be a better price-per-pound at Sam’s, if you shop there.)  They also have Peanut Butter & Co products for $2.00 and a Buy […]


Sprouts Weekly Deals (8/5-8/12): Kashi, Raspberries, Chicken Thighs, Avocados on Sale

There are lots of great deals in the Sprouts ad that starts on Wednesday, including a Friday-Sunday sale that has raspberries, chicken thighs, and dried cranberries at super-low prices.  The rest of their weekly sale includes pork tenderloin for $2.77/lb, avocados for $0.34 each, and a potentially great deal on Kashi: all Kashi products are […]


Sprouts Weekly Deals (7/29-8/5): Great Deals on Blueberries, Lettuce, Chips, Melons

Sprouts will have blueberries for $0.75 and red or green leaf lettuce for $0.50 starting Wednesday, but the sale I’m really excited about is Late July tortilla chips for $1.50.  We tried some when they were on sale for $1.00 awhile back and realllllllllly liked them!


Sprouts Weekly Deals (7/22-7/29): Pears for $0.50/lb + Great Deals on Brown Rice, Grapes

Bartlett pears are $0.50/lb starting tomorrow at Sprouts!  I feel like I’ve seen them go even lower, but it’s been so long that I think this might be as low as they go in this day and age.


Sprouts Weekly Deals (7/15-7/21): Corn, Blueberries, Organic Tomatoes On Sale

Sweet corn is $0.17 starting Wednesday at Sprouts!  They also have great deals on blueberries, organic tomatoes, and cashews. All Hain Celestial brands are 35% off, and that includes a whole lot of brands.  (I think Hain Celestial must be the Kraft Foods of the organic/natural foods industry!)