Free Coffee and Tea at Whole Foods’ Allegro Holiday Bus on Tuesday

The Allegro Holiday Bus will make a stop at the Whole Foods on North Academy this Tuesday, and will be serving up free coffee, tea, and lattes, in addition to other giveaways!  The event takes place from 3-6 PM in the parking lot of the store at 7635 North Academy on Tuesday, December 16th.

Whole Foods $10 Gift Card for $5 through Groupon

Groupon has a hot deal for Whole Foods: you can go here to get a $10 gift card for $5!  They are wanting you to use their new search feature, so you’ll have to search for the deal to find it.

50% Off Izze Soda, Home Run Inn Pizza on Friday from 3-7

Whole Foods stores will have Izze Soda and Home Run Inn Pizza on sale for 50% off this Friday, January 31st from 3-7 PM. This includes all varieties, but I’m not sure what the shelf prices are. Also, I just noticed that today, Wednesday only, they will have pistachios for $4.99/lb – a great price […]

Best Grocery Deals for Thanksgiving 2013: Compare Prices for Turkey, Ham, Potatoes, Cranberries, and More

Wondering who has the best deal on turkey, hams, sweet potatoes, or cranberries this year? We’ve put together a comparison of the prices of common Thanksgiving dinner essentials so you can see who has the best overall deals for what’s on your Thanksgiving shopping list. Prices from Albertsons, King Soopers, Safeway, Sprouts, Target, and Whole […]

50% Off Cheese Pizza at Whole Foods, Friday 3-7 PM Only

Just in case you missed it when I mentioned this yesterday, this Friday, November 15th, Whole Foods will have their take-and-bake cheese pizzas for 50% off from 3 to 7 PM only!  They will also have their New York Strip Steaks for $8 off per pound (the steak deal is all day long).  I’m not […]

$6 Off Pamela’s GF Baking Mix at Whole Foods, Wednesday Only

Whole Foods is running a deal on Pamela’ Gluten-Free Baking Mix today (Wednesday) only – it’s on sale for $6 off!  Unfortunately, I’m not sure what size package this is or how much the regular price is, but it seems like it’s a pretty good discount! They also have their Robusto cheese for $8 off […]

Organic Apples for $1/lb at Whole Foods, Friday Only

Whole Foods will have organic Gala, Braeburn, and Granny Smith apples on sale for $1.49/lb this Friday, and you can buy a five-pound bag for $5.00 ($1.00/lb). Organic apples probably won’t go much lower than $1.00/lb (though as soon as I say that, somewhere like Sprouts is likely to prove me wrong). The sale is […]

Grass-Fed Ground Beef on Sale at Whole Foods, Friday Only

Whole Foods stores will have grass-fed ground beef for $4.99/lb this Friday, September 13th!  That’s not as low as we’ve seen it – sometimes Sprouts puts their organic, grass-fed beef as low as $3.99/lb – but it’s a great deal if you prefer Whole Foods meat!

Whole Roasted Chickens for $5.00 on Friday at Whole Foods

Whole Foods stores will be selling their whole roasted chickens for $5.00 each this Friday, August 23rd!  It’s while supplies last and there is no limit stated, but stores may impose a limit.  I’ve never had a roasted chicken from Whole Foods but I’m thinking that sounds like a good Friday night dinner to me!

Wild Alaskan Coho Salmon on Sale at Whole Foods, Friday Only

Whole Foods will have wild Alaskan Coho salmon on sale for $9.99/lb this Friday, August 2nd! This is 50% off their regular price, and is a great deal for Whole Foods-quality fish (though occasionally we do see Coho for a little bit less at other stores).  Last year, their one-day sale on this was $8.99/lb, […]

Orchids Half-Off at Whole Foods, Wednesday Only

I am so happy to see this sale – Whole Foods will have their 4″ orchids on sale for $9.99 this Wednesday, July 17th!  I got an orchid at Whole Foods a year or two ago when they were half-off, and it was a beautiful plant and lasted for a long time.  (Honestly, when compared […]

60% Off Avalon Organics Shampoo at Whole Foods, Wednesday Only

Here’s a couple of deals that Whole Foods is running, Wednesday only: Runa Tea (14 oz bottles) – 50% OFF/10 For $10 Avalon Organics Shampoo/Conditioner (11 oz) – 60% off/$3.99 each Neither of those are items that go on sale very often so I can’t say how the prices compare, but that also tells me […]