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Great Discount on Glasses/Sunglasses at Sam’s

I wanted to share a great deal that we stumbled into on glasses!  Now through around July 14th or 16th (I can’t remember what they told me), you can save $40 on eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses at Sam’s Club, up to two pairs.  My daughter’s glasses were $57 total – just basic lenses and kid’s frames, but we thought that was a great deal.  Last time we paid around $100 total at Sam’s for a very similar setup. The optician that served us said they don’t do the sale very often.

If you’re interested, you may want to call to confirm the sale info and dates, as the Sam’s Club website doesn’t have anything on it.

Price-Matching Ending at Local Walmarts

Update on June 27th: A reader let me know today that the Gazette reported today that price matching has officially ended at all area Wal-Marts.

Dorinda sent in this news that’s a bummer to Walmart shoppers:

My clerk at the Austin Bluffs and Academy Walmart neighborhood market told me today that June 12th is their last day to price match. Savings Catcher will continue, but price matching at the register will cease.

I haven’t heard about any other specific locations that are ending price matching, but it looks like Walmart has been slowly taking away price matching a region at a time for the past year.  If you have heard about other local stores that are or aren’t ending price matching, please comment.

Free Watermelon Mint Lemonades at Northgate Chick-fil-A

The Chick-fil-A at Northgate will be giving away free small Watermelon Mint Lemonades from 2-4 PM each afternoon through Friday, 30th!  This special is only valid at the Northgate location.

Don’t forget that you can still get one more free breakfast at Chick-fil-A this Wednesday, June 27th.

And, if you are interested in picking up a Chick-fil-A tray, the Fountain Chick-fil-A is offering a free gallon of iced tea with the purchase of any tray through July 8th.

B1G1 Free Drinks at Starbucks

Now through July 2nd, purchase one grande iced espresso and get another free at Starbucks!  This is valid for in-store orders only; it won’t work via their app.

Grocery Deals for the Week of June 28th

New grocery sales start on Wednesdays in Colorado Springs, and our stores have their grocery ads available for a sneak peek the day before!  Check “next week’s” deals below, and if you have a question or want to share a great deal you found, please leave a comment on this post.

king-soopers-dealsKing Soopers
Ad Preview
Where To Look For Deals in the King Soopers Ad
Coupon Policy (Note: As of August 2016, King Soopers no longer doubles coupons.) 

Ad Preview (Click on Sneak Peek)
Where To Look For Deals in the Safeway Ad
Coupon Policy

Ad Preview (Defaults to new ad)
Where To Look For Deals in the Sprouts Ad

Ad Preview

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.40.04 PMGeneral Grocery Deal Helps
Grocery Price Reference
Decoding Your Grocery Ad Tips
Coupon Database

If you’re wondering about the weekly deals and coupon matchups, please read this post.



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