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Podcasts I Love

IMG_1838I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks!   I usually listen when I’m cleaning/tidying, cooking, exercising, or doing a mindless house project like painting.  I can’t listen and simultaneously do something that requires a level of brain function that’s beyond “automatic”, so I have to be doing something relatively mindless and definitely something that doesn’t involve reading of even something like a simple recipe.  (OK, so I do look glance at recipes when I’m cooking, but I totally miss whatever is said during the time that I’m reading.)

There are thousands of podcasts out there, but for me, the list of shows that are worth listening to every single episode is pretty short.  I frequently subscribe to podcasts and unsubscribe after two episodes (or two minutes) – I really only like the ones that have consistently good content without rambling, because I want to know that my time isn’t going to be wasted.

Here’s my list:

  • The Briefing with Dr. Albert Mohler.  This daily podcast is kind of like a news magazine – a bit informative, a bit commentative.  He shares world events and then explains how a Christian worldview should affect our perspective on these events.
  • Awesome Etiquette with Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning.  I have become somewhat obsessed with etiquette lately, having realized that we can communicate God’s love to people through the simple ways we interact with them, and considering how to act appropriately in all sorts of situations is a big part of this. (Note: this is not a Christian podcast – that last phrase just explains part of what’s driven my interest in this topic.)
  • Read-Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie.  I’m always inspired to read aloud – more and better! – with my kids after listening to this podcast.
  • America’s Test Kitchen Radio.  I learn a lot from the cooking question Q&As, and their interviews are always interesting.
  • The Big Boo Podcast with Sophie Hudson and Melanie Shankle.  Just two southern ladies talking about things I’m not at all interested in (football, TV, and music always come up), and yet they always make me laugh.
  • The Alton Browncast with Alton Brown.  Mr. Brown interviews a wide variety of people, my favorites being the ones that are food-related, but others are interesting, too.  Be sure to check out the back episodes that feature Food Network stars and behind-the-scenes looks at FN shows – those were fascinating.
  • The Art of Simple Podcast with Tsh Oxenrider.  I love it when Tsh talks with The Nester on this podcast.  The other ones are usually pretty good, too, but The Nester ones are my fav.

I listen on 1.5x the normal speed for most podcasts, which means that they’re done in 25% less time.  Listening to it faster also forces you to pay more attention and doesn’t allow your mind to wander.  It also gets through any boring parts quickly!

Do you have any podcasts that you love to listen to?


Sprouts Weekly Deals (3/4-3/11): Grapes for $0.98/lb + More Deals

Great deals on grapes, mandarins, Sockeye salmon, and more this week at Sprouts!  As with last week, there are many buy-one-get-one free sales that might be quite good for those natural or organic food items that don’t often go on sale elsewhere.

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Safeway Weekly Deals (3/4-3/10): $4 Luvs Diapers, $4 Seattle’s Best Coffee + Great Deal on Starbucks VIA

Here are Safeway’s deals for this week!  They have some great deals on diapers and wipes, Seattle’s Best coffee, and a few more items on $5 Friday; but the rest of the weekly deals are pretty slim pickings if you’re looking for great sales (though I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that they do have a great deal – $3.49 after coupon – on Starbucks VIA).

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Albertsons Weekly Deals (3/4-3/10): B1G2 Free Meat Sales + Cottonelle for $0.33/roll

Tilapia, Sanderson chicken breasts, petite sirloins, and more are on sale buy one, get free this week at Albertsons!  They also have a great deal – no coupons required! – on Cottonelle, and eggs for $0.99.

If you are 55 years or older, you can receive 10% off this Wednesday, March 4th; and military can receive the same discount this Saturday, March 7th.  This discount is taken on your total after all other discounts and coupons.

Just a reminder that these deals are not valid at the Albertsons at 115 and Cheyenne Mountain, because it’s closing and they are having a closeout sale. Go here for the info on that.

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King Soopers Weekly Deals (3/4-3/10): Organic Avocados for $0.88, Apples for $0.77 + More

There aren’t a ton of new great deals this week at King Soopers, but they do have some low prices on produce – especially when compared to their “normal” sales.  Sprouts frequently has better deals on produce, but it’s rare to see organic avocados going for under $1.00 or apples on sale for less than $1.00/lb anywhere other than there!

They also have Gatorade and Propel for $0.79, and several good deals continue from last week, like buy-one-get-one-free on Thomas bagels and English muffins and Bigelow tea for $1.00 after coupon.

By the way, the $1.99 milk sale price is valid through the end of March, even though they don’t seem to be advertising it every week.

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