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Update: More Tips on Shopping at Restoration Hardware Outlet

We recently stopped at the Restoration Hardware Outlet in Castle Rock again to look for a dining room table and chairs. (I wanted a really big one, big enough to seat all seven of us plus spouses as the kids get older!  Yes, I’m thinking really long-term! :)

We found one we liked, but it was still somewhat pricey.  I don’t even remember what prompted me, but I looked up the table on their website and found that it was on clearance for a lower price than the base price of the table in the store.

I’m not much of an ask-for-a-discount shopper, but figured it was worth asking about the disparity between the website clearance price and the outlet store price, so we talked to an employee about it, and when we pointed out that the table at the outlet was damaged and that we weren’t saving that much off the online price of the exact same table brand-new, she talked to the manager and they were able to give us an additional discount to make the price better match the clearance price online.

We also purchased some chairs that were $104 at the outlet at $99 online, so they matched the online price for those.

restoration hardware outlet

They were also doing a $25 off $100 sale at the outlet, and we were able to get that sale on top of the matched prices.  (They frequently do 30% off sales as well, which is obviously a better deal – we just didn’t want to risk not getting the table we wanted!)

I don’t know how much they’ll bargain on most items, but it might be worth checking out their current price on the website versus what’s in store and seeing if they’ll match the website price as the base price!  And then, of course, you still get the outlet store sale if there’s one going on (there almost always is).

I also found out that they have an email list specific to their store where they’ll send you a weekly update of the new products they’re getting in.  This is different than the email list for all the RH Outlets, and I believe that you have to sign up in the store.  I’m excited about this because we still need a couple of chairs and I’d love to know when they get them in.


When we were in, they were getting ready to move the outlet to a new location at the Outlets at Castle Rock and told us they were going to have a lot more stuff in their new location.  They just opened it, and everything is 30% off through September 2nd.

You can read my first post about what Restoration Hardware Outlet carries here.


Free Frozen Yogurt at Orange Leaf (Ages 18 and Under)

Kids aged 18 and under can take the Orange Leaf Community Pledge and get three ounces of frozen yogurt free!  This promotion is valid through August 31st, and you’ll need to download the PDF to complete the pledge.  Thank you, Carole.

The Colorado Springs Orange Leaf is located at 122 Tracker Drive.


Oroweat Bread on Sale at Bimbo Bakery Outlet

The Bimbo Bakery Outlet at 4751 Flintridge Drive has Oroweat bread on sale for $1.25 through September 1st!


Sprouts Weekly Deals (8/26-9/1): Chicken Thighs for $1.49

Sprouts has great deals on chicken thighs, grapes, lettuce, and many more items this week!  As I mentioned in the other ads, I got the King Soopers post done and then got hit with illness, so I’m not going to do a full ad wrapup like usual.  If you see any other great deals worth sharing at Sprouts, please comment on this post.


Albertsons Weekly Deals (8/26-9/1): Stock Up on Cereal for $0.99

As I mentioned on the Safeway post, I got taken down by sickness yesterday and I’m not going to get to other grocery ads this week.  I just peeked at the Albertsons ad, and it looks like they have a great deal on Malt-O-Meal cold cereal ($0.99!) and berries (those packages are twice the size of normal).  If you see any other great deals at Albertsons, please feel free to comment here.

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kitchen floor


Aren’t you glad health inspectors don’t visit your kitchen?  (Or maybe they don’t check on the cleanliness of floors.  I’m pretty sure mine is so gross today that there’s bacteria growing down there.)

red shoes


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