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carrie isaacWelcome to Springs Bargains, now a service of our real estate business, The Circa Group at RE/MAX Properties! I'm still sharing Colorado Springs’ best bargains, including cheap and family-friendly events and things to do, weekly grocery deals, and more.

Broncos Deals at Papa John’s, King Soopers, McDonald’s, and Arby’s are on for Friday

The Broncos won 31-17 over the Chargers on Thursday, so here are the Broncos restaurant deals that are valid on Friday, October 24th:


Fall Break: Share Your Own Deal Finds Here

I’m taking this week off for a little fall break, so I won’t be doing the grocery deals or many other deals like usual for the rest of this week.  If you’ve found a great deal or know of a cheap or free event for the family this week, please click here to comment on this post with the info!


Chick-fil-A Chapel Hills Mall Hero Day on Saturday

The Chick-fil-A at Chapel Hills Mall will be having a “Hero Day” on Saturday, October 25th, with games, crafts, a photo booth, and more activities for the family.  You’ll be able to check-in from 10 AM to 12 PM to participate; the events themselves will be open through 1 PM.  Call 719-599-5416 for more information on this free event.


My Latest & Greatest Idea for Menu Planning

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve started planning menus three days at a time/twice a week, and grocery shopping twice a week for those meals.  It is working so well for me, and a few of my friends have asked how it’s going so I thought some of you might be interested, too.

(Now, this is definitely my latest and greatest solution that is working for me as of October 2014.  Catch up with me in six months or a year and it’s likely changed.  And you can assume that anything I wrote about being the latest and greatest thing ever as of a year ago is probably long gone!)

Here’s why I’m liking it:

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What Are the Best Deals at Trader Joe’s?

A couple of readers have emailed me and asked if I’d be doing a Trader Joe’s list each week like I do for the other stores.  Trader Joe’s doesn’t have sales or weekly specials, so I won’t be regularly featuring them.  But, one reader also asked if they have any amazing deals in general, so I thought I’d start a post where you can list the deals that you find at Trader Joe’s.

So, what are your favorite things to buy at Trader Joe’s?  And what items are good deals compared to the regular or sale prices at our other local stores in Colorado?  (I’m differentiating between those two questions because I know that lots of people have Trader Joe’s products, but I haven’t heard much in the way of how their prices on basic staples that you can buy anywhere compare to other stores’ prices on the same types of items.)

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The grocery store sales in Colorado Springs run Wednesday-Tuesday. (At Sprouts, ad cycles run Wednesday-Wednesday.) We generally publish the weekly grocery deals and coupon matchups for Albertsons and King Soopers on Tuesday mornings. Sprouts' and Safeway's weekly deals and coupon matchups are published on Wednesday morning.

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